May 2, 2016

The Quotidian (2. 5. 16)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace.

Still with us.  His nails are getting long.  :)

Sunny days.

Revisiting an old favourite for an English assignment.

Off to the beach.

Lawn overhaul ~ encouraging it to grow.

For Austin's grave.

Work for pay.

Schooling rarely happens at her desk.




Exam week!

My scientist.

Happy Monday Y'all!
 With Love, Camille


Debbie Harris said...

Happy May to you, Camille!
I always enjoy your Quotidian posts as it allows us just a peek into your lovely home and those dear children's lives. Your home and family portray Christ so beautifully.
That is a gorgeous quilt on your daughters bed.
I visited Austin's post of his grave, absolutely beautiful, and again, God honoring.

May your week be graced in the beauty of the Lord.

Angela said...

Hi Camille, So enjoy your Quotidian posts. I really like the picture of the flowers for Austin's grave. They are so beautiful.

Jill said...

Love all the photos and glimpses of happenings in your life. Those flowers for Austin are gorgeous! Many blessings to you my friend!


Camille said...

Debbie ~ How lovely it is to have you stop by for a visit....thank you, as always, for your kind words of encouragement. You bless my heart! Happy May to you, too! Hugs. :)

Angela ~ Thank you so much for your sweet are a blessing. Hugs to you! :)

Jill ~ Thank you for stopping by in the midst of all the busy-ness of life with your recent move and all that entails! Your kind words are a sweet blessing to my heart...thank you for being an encouragement to me! Hugs. :)

With Love,

Esther said...

Your pictures are always so interesting! The flowers for Austin's grave are beautiful!! I love the colours! Thanks for the peek into your week. It's always great to see your family!

Camille said...

Esther ~ Always a blessing to hear from you, my friend! Thank you for your kind words and for faithfully encouraging my heart. Hugs to you all! Love, Camille