May 23, 2016

The Quotidian (23. 5. 16)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace.

Silliness after paper delivery.

Emma's additions.

First burgers of the season.

Motivated to finish well.

Just one of the benefits of home education.

Off to a shoot.

It's a tradition.

We took these five to meet up with five more for a Piano Guys concert.

Fraser in his element.

While the kids were at the concert, we went on a date.

We walked the entire Stanley Park Seawall (9 km/5.6 mi).

Blurry but beautiful ~ at the end of our walk.

Happy Monday!
With Love, Camille


Jill said...

Your boys are handsome young men Camille, and your daughter is just beautiful...I'm sure they will be breaking a lot of hearts. ;-) I love The Piano Guys, they are so very talented how wonderful they were able to see them in concert! I bet it was delightful. Have a wonderful day!


Angela said...

How wonderful that your kids were able to see the Piano Guys and the two of you getting to have a date. The Piano Guys are awesome!

Camille said...

Jill ~ Thank you for your kind compliments...we are trying to keep the boys away from Emma and our boys away from the girls these days....all in good time! (And, that time is not yet...haha!) The Piano Guys are so energetic and creative, aren't they? It was a great thing for them to do with their friends. :)

Angela ~ It was so much fun for us all...a win-win on all sides! Thank you for entering into our joy. Hugs to you! :)

With Love,

Esther said...

Great pictures Camille! So glad they were able to attend the Piano Guys! So much fun! We toyed with the idea of coming for it. Maybe next time. What a beautiful night for a walk, hope you had good shoes on!! :-)

Farming On Faith said...

Hello, Sweet Camille~
Thanks for your encouragement today.
I loved seeing all your sweet pictures.
You two are way too cute!

Camille said...

Esther ~ Your crew would have enjoyed it...yes, next time! :) And, did you not see the runners I had on? My trusty walking companions. Haha! Hugs to you.

Carrie ~ Awww...thank you for your kind words....hugs to you! :)

With Love,

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

It seems an age since I even jumped on blogger to call in on some of my friends and so lovely to catch up here and see your photos. We've had a busy couple of months with church events and having people for dinner and to stay. I just checked the calendar..not one free weekend in May and 2 weekends in June I have events, no wonder I have no time to write a blog these days but I am sort of keeping a photo journal of our life on Instagram which is where I suspect many bloggers are now as it is so much easier to upkeep. The girls have written a letter for Emma. I am hoping we can get into town today to post it. In NZ the rural postman would pick up letters from your mailbox and stamp them if you left the right money on top of the envelope - how I would love to have that service here! Miss M has her next trip planned, to NZ again and her dad is going with her this time to visit his parents. She's planning on going snowboarding and fitting in as many adventure type activities as possible. She mentioned another trip to Canada next year... maybe I should go with her on that one seeing I'm missing out on the NZ one!

Nikki said...

Always LOVE seeing what you all are up to. :) Looks like everyone is busy and enjoying life. :) So happy to see everyone growing and well.

Camille said...

Ann ~ How lovely it is to hear from you! Your Miss M. is a real traveller...what fun that she is able to travel with her Dad this time! Please give everyone our greetings....hugs all around. :)

Nikki ~ You bless my heart...thank you for your sweet words. Hugs to you! :)

With Love,