June 13, 2016

The Quotidian (13. 6. 16)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace.

In the process of capturing this quotidian.

Learning the World.

It's a challenge.

Austin's Roses.

Tying up all the loose ends.

Editing his images for a client.

Math lesson.

For June 1st ~ Thank you, Dad!  :)

Brothers and Bikes (and one friend).

Making Music.

 Grouse Mountain ~ Just the two of them.

 If we slow it all down and take it all in, we find beauty.
It's there.  Even in the littlest of things.
May the Lord help us this day to open our eyes to see.

Happy Monday, Y'all!
 With Love, Camille


Katy said...

Lovely photos Camille! :)
It seems your family is enjoying the beginning of summer! I hope you continue to! :)

Stephanie said...

Sweet Camille, what a true joy to see these photos of you and your precious family. I always enjoy getting a peek into your world :)

May you have a glorious week, dear friend. Hugs!

Jill said...

What wonderful photos! I especially love the scenery in the last one. :-) Have a wonderful day my friend.


Camille said...

Katy ~ Thank you, my friend. May the Lord bless you all this summer as well! :)

Stephanie ~ Welcome back! :) Thank you for your kind words...as always. Many blessings to you.

Jill ~ Thank you for your sweet and encouraging words...you bless my heart. Hugs to you! :)

With Love,

Cinnamon said...

Love the roses ♥


Camille said...

Cinnamon ~ Me, too! The Lord is so good to us, isn't He? :) With Love, Camille

Lisa said...

I love this little peek into your life....and how cute you look in that first picture!! Love you my friend!

Camille said...

Lisa ~ Love you, too! XO

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Sitting her at swim lessons and thought I'd do a little catching up on my smartphone LOL. Love your family!

Camille said...

Jackie ~ Hugs to you, my friend! XO