June 1, 2016

Three Years ~ A Giveaway

We have been three years on this journey.
And, it would be accurate to say we feel as though
we have been amputated as a family.

It's how I described it in the beginning, and still do to this day.
 (Not knowing, of course, what a physical amputation feels like,
but, imagining it may be something like this absence we are experiencing.)

For our friends, it's been nearly three months.
We are on parallel journeys in so many ways.
And, yet, our journeys remain unique.

One thing we most definitely have in common
is where our strength lies.  Where our hope comes from.

In honour of our Austin's home-going to Heaven,
I am offering one of you a copy of this encouraging and
faith-building little book.  It has been used to comfort our hearts,
and, I trust it will be a sweet blessing to you as well.  

We all, at one point or another, will have to deal with grief in our lives.
Perhaps there is someone in your life who is currently grieving.
This book is a great encouragement to those walking with the Lord.
There is no time like the present to read such a treasure.

All you have to do to enter this draw is leave a comment
with a way to reach you if your name should be chosen.
If you would like to email me privately for an entry,
my email address is flowersinhisgarden@gmail.com.   

My plan is to pull a name from the hat at
Noon (PST) on Monday, June 6th. 

With Love,

**UPDATE ~ Giveaway CLOSED** 


Chelle said...

I think and pray for you often. I have never been through what you have but I hurt with you. Hugs to you.

Christa said...

I'm always encouraged after reading your blog Camille. Thank you for sharing the difficult things in life and pointing us all to Christ.
I would love to enter the give away. My e-mail is countryinmyheart@gmail.com

Nikki said...

Thinking of you dear sweet Camille! I can only imagine the feeling of loss. Praying for you today. ~ Nikki ~

Maryann said...

Thinking and praying for you today Camille.
Love and Hugs, Maryann

Susan V. said...

I've been praying for you and your family today, Camille. Thank you for your encouragement to me in the midst of your own grief. Blessings and love to you all.

Sandy said...

Praying for you and your family, Camille.
Hugs to all!

Anonymous said...

I came across a saying that says "we can learn more from sorrow than from laughter." We have found this to be true! Praying God will continue to carry you until He takes us home!! Leah K.

Camille said...

Chelle ~ Thank you SO much! That's part of what is so wonderful of belonging to the Family of our Great God. May He bless you as you journey with Him. :)

Christa ~ It's always a sweet encouragement to hear from you, my friend. Thank you for leaving kind words behind you. :)

Nikki ~ Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words and for your prayers. What a blessing you are to me! :)

Maryann ~ Thank you SO much, my friend. You bless my heart. :)

Susan ~ You are in our prayers as well. Thank you for being a faithful friend. Big Hugs! :)

Sandy ~ Thank you for remembering us, my friend...you are a blessing to us all. Hugs all around. :)

Leah ~ How true!! I know you know first hand of what you share here today. Thank you for praying for us....praying for you today. Hugs! :)

With Love,