September 29, 2016

Real Comfort

"Seek durable riches, a treasure that cannot be taken from you,
a city which hath lasting foundations.
Do as the apostle Paul did.  Give yourself to the Lord Jesus Christ,
and seek that incorruptible crown He is ready to bestow.

Take His yoke upon you and learn of Him.
Come away from a world which will never really satisfy you,
and from sin which will bite like a serpent,
if you cleave to it, at last.

Come to the Lord Jesus as lowly sinners, and He will receive you, 
pardon you, give you His renewing Spirit, fill you with peace.

This shall give you more real comfort than the world has ever done.
There is a gulf in your heart which nothing but 
the peace of Christ can fill.  Enter in and share our privileges.
Come with us, and sit down by our side."

Quoted from "Holiness" by J. C. Ryle pages 117-18

Truly, there is nothing better in this life than having peace with God which
 gives courage and hope for the future, all because of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Look to Him and Live!

With Love,


Down On The Farm said...

These are words from heaven my friend. Real Comfort ONLY comes from our Lord. The world will fail us. We must hold onto this world and the things in this world loosely. All we see will pass away. Jesus is the only thing that remains. My heart's desire is to spend eternity with Him. Lord, help me to hold on loosely. Blessings to you and your family.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Amen! There is nothing more important.

Maryann said...

Yes, Yes, Yes, we have seen this in such a real way these last few months. There is nothing as important
Blessings to you and your family

Camille said...

Robbin ~ How amazing it is to consider these things and rest in the reality that eternity is all that matters. How good and gracious the Lord is to us as His own. May you know the peace that passes all understanding as you walk the path He has you all on. Big Hugs to you!

Jackie ~ Truly. Nothing else matters. Big Hugs!

Maryann ~ Isn't it such a blessing to have the perspective that the Lord gives in such times? May you know the every steadying hand of the Lord upon you as you walk this path step by step. Big Hugs to you!

With love,

Esther said...

Thank you for posting! I really needed to read this today. XOXO

Pam said...

We have had a forest fire come with in a mile of our home this week, most of our town has been evacuated. We packed our important things up and were ready for a call to be evacuated. When you are on the brink of that thought process, you evaluate the important things all over again. We had our trailer pulled up and ready to load if time allowed, packed up some boxes of important papers, all of our photos, and a few treasured items.. but really, most of this stuff doesn't matter... it is just stuff; what matters is that those we love are with us, and will be with us through eternity... eternity with Jesus, those are truly our treasures aren't they.

So nice to catch up with you here again Camille. I am still a few steps behind on my own blog, as I have been working on video classes with Skillshare, and I am not quite as quick to figure out all of that tech stuff out as I would like, and this week, dealing with the fire.... but, today I am actually able to do a little catch up reading , and am enjoying it all very much. Hugs to you all and have a lovely weekend.
XOXO , Pam

Camille said...

Esther ~ Isn't it a wonderful thing to allow these truths to soak into our hearts? Big Hugs! You are almost there....hang in there....that house of yours will be ready soon. XO

Pam ~ How lovely it is to hear from you!! SO sorry to learn of your recent trials...I trust all is well with your home and property? Truly, these types of situations do have a way of weaning us from this world, don't they? Praying for you today. Big Hugs to you! XO

With Love,

Laura said...

Thank you for inviting me into your home, and it is such a lovely pleasure to meet your friendly, welcoming family. Howie, Calvin, Emma and Fraser. I have also seen many pictures of Austin. All beautiful children.
Looking forward to our next Bible study.

Camille said...

Laura ~ I am so glad you have been able to come to the Bible's been a blessing to have you with us. Thank you for your kind words about our's all the Lord's goodness. He is the One we owe everything to. Hugs and with Love, Camille