January 30, 2011

Resisting the Temptation to Quit

There are times when I am tempted to quit.
Tempted to *throw in the towel*.
Times when I wonder if I should give it all up.

After all,
I have reached 1000.
That was the goal.


In the course of regular, daily living,
I remind myself that these are the things to treasure.
These are the moments to *keep*.
So, I....

Keep on counting.
Keep on numbering.

Most importantly, I...
Keep on noticing.

Don't Quit.

Noticing all the little things.
All the moments and fleeting treasures of today.
All too soon,
they will be history.
In the past.


Treasure up the the sights,
the sounds...the silence.

Treasure up the imperfect.
Treasure up the ordinary.
Treasure up the beautiful.
Treasure up the important.

Don't miss the moments.

In the flurry of life.
In the bustle of activity.
In the frantic pace to *get it all done*.

Don't miss out.


Continuing to number.
I am past the *required* 1000,
but I don't want to quit.
Do you mind if I keep it up?
Maybe you will join me soon?
I would *LOVE* to hear about it if you do!

So, the numbering of the gifts continues,
and in the numbering there is joy.

1132. The near-all-nighter deadline is behind us!

1133. When things come together

1134. God ALWAYS answers prayer ~
Not always how we want HIM to...
but ALWAYS for our good and HIS glory!

1135. The dishwasher ~
Again, and again, and again! :)

1136. That the children underline and mark in their
own Bibles when the Word speaks to their hearts ~

1137. Waking up to more white ~ So beautiful!

1138. Late Christmas greetings still trickling in ~
Love it! (Written at the fist part of January)

1139. A husband who does not complain about his food
and is easy to please.

1140. That I could get Calvin's RC Helicopter fixed for free!

1141. $25.00 Slippers on sale for $7.00!

1142. A basement couch to sort laundry on ~ Love it!

1143. Being accountable

1144. 100 Days Calendar and the beginnings of progress

1145. Another week of reporting done. :)


Dianna said...

A beautiful post...and list, Camille. I enjoyed #1136...the children unlining in their Bibles when the Word speaks to their hearts. SO precious.

Farmgirl said...

You had me wondering at "treasure up the ugly" - how do we do that? why would we even want to "treasure up the ugly"?; but God did. He treasured up my ugly and replaced it with His beautiful.
Thanks Camille!

His bondservant said...

We never can thank Him enough for all He has done for us! And I so love to read your thankfulness journal.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That tea set is GORGEOUS! Now, I'm off to play a game with my little princess because you're reminded me that that moments will be history.

Nadine said...

Adorable photos and wonderful blessings!


Jill said...

Love this post! Your daughter and her doll are so precious!! Love the tea! Yes, we have so many, many things to be thankful for and what a wonderful reminder of how wonderful life is every day. Here's to living in the "now'!
Many Blessings,

Mari said...

I am glad you continue to count, continue to choose gratitude. =)

Camille said...

Dear Dianna ~ Both Howie and I do that...so I suppose they are copying us. Isn't God's Word just so rich?? We are blessed to have it, aren't we? Have a lovely week! :)

Dear Heather ~ Ah, yes...the *ugly*...I thought about that and replaced the word with *imperfect*...I think it fits better. But, you are right...the LORD took all our sin and gave us HIS righteousness...what can be more beautiful than that? Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement my friend. :)

Dear Jackie (Bondservant) ~ Oh thank you for being such a sweet encouragement to my heart! How much we have to thank the LORD for...I agree! :)

Dear Jackie (Cheesemakin') ~ Oh yes! Play with those precious young ones of yours!! What a blessing these days are! :) How is she doing??

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you my friend! :)

Dear Jill ~ How precious all these days are! May the LORD truly help us to live in the *now* as you said! Wonderful reminder...thank you. :)

Dear Mari ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement along the path of thankfulness! What a blessing it is to number HIS graces! :)

Many blessings to each of you!
In His Love,

Linda said...

Beautiful photos and a wonderful post!So many things to be oh so thankful for!Memories are precious and capture every sweet moment.
Enjoy your day.
Blessings and hugs.

Cinnamon said...

I love your pictures with you thankful thoughts. You're right it's good to have them to look back on. The ordinary becomes treasured when we can look back and see them.

We have snow too!! Blizzard actually and it's waay to cold for the kids to be outside. So we're baking and cleaning and watching movies.


Camille said...

Dear Linda ~ Thank you for your sweet friendship! I appreciate you visiting today. :)

Dear Cinnamon ~ Actually, our snow is all gone (I write my list away from the computer and enter it in order...the snow only lasts a short while around here), it's unseasonably beautiful today. Your home sounds cozy and warm with all that lovely baking and *nesting* going on! Enjoy! :)

Many blessings to you both!
In His Love,

Mountain Mama said...

Love that the tea parties still go on as the girls get older...how old is your daughter anyway? This gives me something to look forward to as Zoe ages...hopefully she'll keep on with that sweet brand of play.

Aw...children marking in their Bibles...so precious! That one is my favorite this week. Your list, the whole of it, is once again so sweet.


Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ Oh YES...the tea parties *must* go on! ;-) And they become *real* too...fun times. :) Emma is still 8...until March...they grow way too quickly, don't they? Thank you for your sweet friendship...I appreciate you. Wouldn't it be fun if we could have a tea party??


Lois said...

I love your list. Just think, someday they could all be published in a book, in order, and your thankfulness journal would be pondered on by many people, including your children and future generations. What a wonderful thing to be remembered for. I'm thankful for my grandmother, who died in 1986 and left behind several notebooks of poems she had written, and meditations from scripture. I'm thankful to Christ, who paid my final expenses. I'm thankful for godly women who maintain edifying blogs so people like me (who can't figure out how to blog) can be blessed during our after-school hours of rest. Thank you, sister-in-Christ.

Camille said...

Dear Lois ~ How PRECIOUS that you have such a wonderful legacy left behind by your Grandmother!! Something to treasure indeed! Thank you for your sweet encouragement Lois! I have often wanted to repay a visit to you at your blog (maybe one day?)...I'm sure it would be full of lovely things! :)

Many blessings,