March 5, 2011

Take Time to Worship!

Have you taken the time to ponder the
Greatness of the LORD this day?
HE alone is worthy of all our praise!
I'd like to share with you a favourite hymn of mine.
The words are so powerful and full of Truth!

May the LORD bless each of you this weekend,
kind friends, as you celebrate HIM and HIS goodness!

** Photo credit ~ Calvin

I lay my sins on Jesus,
The Spotless Lamb of God;
He bears them all and frees us
From the accursed load.
I bring my guilt to Jesus,
To wash my crimson stains
White in His blood most precious,
Till not a spot remains.

I lay my wants on Jesus,
All fullness dwells in Him;
He heals all my diseases,
He doth my soul redeem.
I lay my griefs on Jesus,
My burdens and my cares;
He from them all releases,
He all my sorrow shares.

I rest my soul on Jesus,
This weary soul of mine;
His right hand me embraces,
I on His breast recline.
I love the Name of Jesus,
Immanuel, Christ, the Lord;
Like fragrance on the breezes
His name abroad is poured.

I long to be like Jesus,
Meek, loving, lowly, mild;
I long to be like Jesus,
The Father's Holy Child.
I long to be with Jesus,
Amid the heavenly throng,
To sing with saints His praises,
To learn the angels' song.

Horatius Bonar, 1808-89


Toyin O. said...

What a great hymn, thanks for reminding me to ponder on our God's greatness today:)

Chelle said...

I love taking time to worship. It makes the day go better. Today we got alot of rain. I was saying something about it being alot and one of my kids said remember we are suppose to praise God in everything. That made me really think.My children are watching andlistening to me. So we thanked him for the rain.

Julze said...

Aman and amen... \0/
Thank you Lord for loving me!

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I would appreciate your prayers concerning some medical needs that I've had tests done on. Will know results of one this week. Other test, MRI, hasn't been scheduled yet. Am trusting God for a good outcome and nothing seriously wrong! He is sustaining me and I know He is always there for me. Hugs and a great weekend as well, my friend.

Camille said...

Dear Toyin ~ Isn't HE wonderful?? :)

Dear Chelle ~ "Out of the mouths of babes" PRECIOUS! :)

Dear Julia ~ Oh YES!! How blessed we are to belong to HIM! :)

Dear Becky ~ Of course I will pray! Keep on looking to the LORD through this trial...HE is with you and HE is faithful! HE does all things well my friend. Jeremiah 29:11-14a

In His Love,

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

I first read this post on Sat. night. I fully intended to comment but after reading the words...I just wanted to sit.

I was frozen. Basking in the holiness and greatness of our God who knows all my sin...yet He died for me. Unthinkable yet true. Thank our heavenly Father who is so full of grace and mercy!

Then I looked up this man. I have never heard of him. My husband and I read some of his stuff. Great man of God. I look forward to learning more about him.

Thanks for sharing this poem.

The Lord used it to cause me to just sit in awe of Him!!! What can get better than that?!


Camille said...

Dear Christine ~ Oh yes! What a blessing to my heart! The LORD Jesus Christ is to be magnified and glorified!! Might we live in such a way as to direct all eyes to HIM! This hymn is one of my favourites...I'm glad it was an encouragement to you too! Many of the old hymns are so rich and full of Truth...isn't it wonderful that we have access to them? :)

Many blessings,