March 23, 2011

Grain Free Nut Bars ~ Oh YUM!

Really, you HAVE to give these a try.
They are sooo yummy!
Like a candy bar, but without any of
the *scary* ingredients.
In fact, you can feel GREAT about having one of these.
They are soooo good for you!

How often does that happen?
Something that is good for you is also super duper amazingly good?

I found the recipe here.
And I tweaked it a bit to suit our tastes.
The result?


Now, you will have to keep them in the fridge or freezer,
they will be too soft at room temperature,
but, that seems a small price to pay for such yumminess.


Grain Free Nut Bars

Courtesy of "Enjoying Healthy Foods" Blog by Lindsey
Thank you so much for letting me share these Lindsey! :)

~ The Ingredients ~

2 cups raw Almonds,
coarsely chopped

2 cups raw Pecans,
coarsely chopped

1/2 cup raw Sunflower seeds

1 cup raw Pumpkin seeds

1/2 cup dried Cranberries

1/2 cup Raisins

1/2 cup unsweetened
Medium or Shredded Coconut

1/2 cup Honey (liquid)

1/2 cup Coconut Oil
(Organic, Extra virgin, Cold pressed)

1 cup Almond Butter
(Natural, unsalted, roasted)

1 tsp Sea Salt

~ The Method ~

I make this in a 10 x 15 inch pan.
If you want to make less,
use an 8 x 8 inch pan and cut the ingredients in half.

Prepare your pan by lining it with parchment paper.

Coarsely chop the almonds and pecans.
Mix together all the raw nuts, seeds and
dried fruit in a large bowl.
Set aside.

Melt the coconut oil, honey and almond butter
together in a saucepan on the stove over low heat.
Stir the salt into it once it is melted and remove from heat.

Pour this mixture over your nut mixture.
Scrape all that yummy goodness out with a spatula.
Mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon.

Pour into prepared pan
and set into freezer to harden.

Remove from freezer once it is firm enough to
cut into bars.
Cut and store in a sealed container
in the freezer.
Be sure to put parchment or wax paper between layers
so the bars do not stick together!

About 15 minutes prior to serving,
remove the number of bars you need from the freezer.

Serve without guilt!



Patrinas Pencil said...

this sound and looks soooo yummy. My mouth is watering just looking at all those nice ingredients! I bet you could just spread it out thin - as granola for yogurt or a snack in a cup to just pop into your mouth. I eat granola just out of cup - without anything else.

thanks for the recepie - I love your blog background - and the beautiful piano music. "it is well with my soul"...indeed.

Patrina <")>><

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Sounds delicious...and I even have coconut oil as my African children use it on their hair and skin LOL.

Will definitely give this recipe a try.

Thanks for posting.


Lindsey @ Enjoying Healthy Foods said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and finding and trying and loving the nut bars! What a great post!

Thank you again!
Lindsey @ Enjoying Healthy Foods

Camille said...

Dear Patrina ~ Thank you for your kind words and for visiting here with me. I do hope you enjoy these nut bars if you give them a try. :)

Dear Connie ~ How fun that you have coconut oil all ready to go! I'm sure you will all enjoy these...they really are yummy! :)

Dear Lindsey ~ Welcome! Thank you once again for sharing this wonderful recipe....super yummy! I am about to make my third batch (one batch for me is double of yours)...tells you we REALLY are enjoying them, doesn't it? :)

Many blessings,

Unknown said...

Oh these look SO delicious!!!!

Unknown said...

This is awesome. Thanks so much for the recipe. I know my husband would love it. Now I just need the motivation to get into the kitchen and do it? Do you have a recipe for that?

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ They ARE! And sooo good for you too! :)

Dear Mommyx12 ~ Unfortunately, I do not have a recipe for that! LOL! I do hope you try them...they are so yummy! :)

Many blessings,

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Ok, this looks realllllly good! I will be trying these out! Looks like Jackie is rubbing off on ya! ;)

Have a blessed Lord's Day!!!


Lois said...

These sound delicious! I'll have to round up some ingredients, like coconut oil, pumpkin seeds (I should have saved some from last fall!) Does regular vegetable or canola oil work? I may experiment a little, as we all like chewy granola bars.

Oh, and I think a sea otter would be a great pet! They don't shed, sleep on the beds, and they use their tummy for a table. I don't think you have to vaccinate them either! Your son is a genius to figure all that out!

Camille said...

Dear Christine ~ LOL! Jackie is a blessing, isn't she? How wonderful that there are really good for you YUMMY things out there! I do hope you like them as much as we do! :)

Dear Lois ~ I didn't know all that about sea otters! LOL! How interesting.'s NOT persuading me to get one...not in the least! :) About the other really do need the coconut oil as it is solid at room temperature and partially what holds these bars together. I hope you do get all the ingredients and try them out soon....soooo good! :)

Many blessings,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love nuts! I know I'd dig these. I'm going to have to print this recipe out and get a few more ingredients. It looks oh so healthy!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Oh YES!! You will *love* them, I am sure! Sooooo yummy! And soooo good for you! I am planning to try soaking and drying the nuts prior to making them to make them even healthier. :)

Many blessings,