March 4, 2011

The Dishwasher Blues

Do NOT put this...

into this
(rinse-aid dispenser)...

OR you will get this! will keep on happening until that
rinse-aid dispenser is cleared out!!
(How DOES one accomplish THAT??)

The child who did this remains anonymous to protect the innocent.
They were, after all, trying to help!
Note to self ~ Teach thoroughly so they don't have to guess!
And learn to chill out so I don't have to apologize! LOL!


Dianna said...

And, once again, I am reminded why you are so dear, Camille. Your humility in not only protecting the child ~ but also being mama enough to accept blame for not teaching thoroughly enough and apologizing.

Love you, Sweet Friend.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Camilla, I'm so sorry...but that's hysterical. I'll definitely keep that in mind, not to put dishwasher liquid in the rinse aid compartment ;) :) :) Oh, goodness, I'm glad that you are able to laugh about it :) :) Just out of curiosity, what do you use in the rinse/dry compartment?

Oh, thanks for making me smile today :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOL! Oh I love this. I'd have been freaking and needing a big time out. Speaking of dishwashers, ours was leaking. Michael finally figured out how to fix and just a few days later one Josiah's friends accidently backed into it when I was loading it and fell on the lid and the door sprung badly. Needless to say, it now leaking again. I later had to ask myself if I would have reacted the same way if one of my children had done it. I was calm and forgiving. Would I have been that way with them. I have a feeling I would have ended up having to apologize. Lord teach me to be consistent with my family, friends and strangers! Let my walk be the same inside and outside my home.

Thanks for the laugh and the food for thought!

Unknown said...

Oh no! Help can be such a blessing sometimes and give you a good laugh (or headache) others. :)

Wanting What I Have said...

OH dear friend! Hang in there! :)

His bondservant said...

Oh my Camille! We have had two such incidents in our family...we noticed it when the suds came spewing out of the sides of the dishwasher and onto the floor! Not fun!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh My, Camille!!!
This too shall pass!!! ;)

I actually didn't know of a dispenser for rinsing. I guess that tells how old my dishwasher is! ;)
And when it is broken, I have lovely blessings who do them for me until my husband fixes it!

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!


Unknown said...

Oh my! Sounds like something that could easily happen here as well.... what about a wet/dry shop vac? Perhaps you could get most of the offending suds out that way?

Hopes Handcrafts said...

oh no LOL! Sorry for reminds me of when my girls cleaned the bathroom and used SO MUCH cleaner..the residues stayed on the walls for weeks as I gradually wiped it all away!

Chilling out is a necessary at these times :-)

Unknown said...

Oh Dear!!!!! :)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

A familiar scenario in my house too on the odd occasion but not much chance of it happening at the moment as my dishwasher is out of action so it is hand washing in the sink for some time to come - this also means I go through a lot more washing up liquid and dare not buy the concentrated versions!
Have a lovely weekend

Camille said...

Dear Dianna ~ You are a sweet encourager! I felt like a terrible Mama last night...but God's mercies never fail and children are so forgiving...what a great blessing it is!! By the end of the evening I was laughing about it with the young one is quite funny. :)

Dear Heather in Oregon ~ I don't normally put anything in it...but now? LOTS of vinegar and water are being used to flush, flush, flush it all out!! It can take months to drain that compartment dry! :(

Dear Jackie (Cheesemakin') ~ I *love* this prayer of yours..."Lord teach me to be consistent with my family, friends and strangers! Let my walk be the same inside and outside my home." Oh, that we all would maintain that kind of testimony! Only with the LORD's grace and help is it even possible. :)

Dear Valerie ~ So true...SO true!! LOL! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ Oh, I know you understand this one!! It's good to hear from all is well? :)

Dear Jackie (Bondservant) ~ Wow! Twice??!! You are a real trooper! :)

Dear Christine ~ Ah, yes...perspective! How wonderful to have many little helping hands to lighten the load! We recently installed this one (it's new) after about seven months without...I really do enjoy using it, I must admit! :)

Dear Susan ~ I thought of the shop vac...yes! But, the dispenser is completely enclosed (where all the dish soap is) and only has a small way to get at it! The suds keep on coming as this dispenser only discharges a very small amount for the final rinse! :( I have been using vinegar and water to dilute the will just take time. Thanks for your kind advice. :)

Dear Julia ~ Yes...*chilling out* I need a dose of that! It's coming...I think! LOL! What a job you had in the bathroom! But how lovely that your girls gave it a try...such a blessing to have willing helpers. :)

Dear Jenn ~ Yes, Oh dear was right! But, it really matters little in the light of the *big picture*, right? :)

Dear Ann ~ Yes, concentrated anything where children are involved is not a good thing. :) I understand the boat you are in...may the LORD give you extra grace and patience with it. These really are luxuries, aren't they? How often I forget that! :)

Many blessings to you each one!
In His Love,

Nadine said...

Oh no! My sister once put regular dish soap in her dishwasher...what a mess!
I hope that it gets cleared up soon!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!


Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ LOL! Thankfully it was a relatively *small* amount...but still it's taking time to clear it out of the system! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! :)

Many blessings,

Farmgirl said...

That is so funny! The same thing happened to Danny before we met - he put lots of dishwashing liquid into his dishwasher and had an apartment full of bubbles! I wish I could have seen it!

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Oh this made me giggle and yet I just KNOW that events like this are most certainly in my future, especially as I turn chores more and more over to my children...

Camille said...

Dear Heather (Farmgirl) ~ LOL! I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to be there...too funny! :)

Dear Heather (@Cultivated) ~ You know it! LOL! Try to take everything as an adventure and learn to laugh in the midst of it all...I'm still trying to *get* that! :)

Many blessings,

Unknown said...

This is definitely one of those "welcome to my world" post because things like this always happen around here. Life with kids!! (of course, I'm just as capable as doing things like this as the kids)

Camille said...

Welcome here Mommyx12! It's lovely to *meet* you! Thank you for your encouragement...I must get more relaxed! Children are a blessing and instuments of grace in our lives, don't you think? :)

Many blessings,