September 18, 2009

Natural Cleaning Tips

Something I am seeking to do is use natural cleaning products and as few chemicals as possible in our home. Not only does this help with our health (I'm thinking it must), but it will save money as cleaning products are very expensive! Let's do things Grandma's way...really, the best ways are learned from Grandma, right?

Essential Cleaning "Products"...

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Recently I was asked to "teach" a little class at a church ladies' meeting and the topic was "natural cleaning alternatives". Here is what I shared...

Cleaning (Stove Top, Corning Ware, Pyrex):
Use baking soda on a glass safe scrubbie and a bit of water...scrub and rinse until marks are gone. This works well to clean off those "baked in" brown speckles on your white corning ware.

Stain Removal (Blackberries, Raspberries, Blueberries):
Pour boiling water through the cloth until stain is may need to scrub under hot running water with Sunlight Laundry Soap (comes in a bar). (The trick with berry stains, and most other stains, is to leave it until you can get to it...don't do the "wet washcloth rub" or you will set the stain!)
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Scouring Powder for Stainless Steel:
1 part salt
1 part baking soda
Mix together and sprinkle on stainless steel (pots, muffin tins, sinks) and use a wet cloth or scrubbie to scour the stains out!
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Stain Removal (Ball Point Pen):
Pump hairspray...not aerosol (Technically this would not fall under the "natural" category, but it is the only way I know to deal with pen stains!)
Spray on stain and scrub under running hot water, spray again until stain is gone. Launder as usual.
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Wonderful Vinegar!
Vinegar is wonderful because you can use it in so many ways:

-Mix a small amount into a bucket of hot water and wash laminate flooring...I do this and it saves so much money...those "special" cleaners are so costly and have questionable ingredients. The trick is to wash a small area and then wipe with a dry cloth right away...don't skip this step! I know you will be amazed with the results.

-Mix with water in a spray bottle and do your mirrors and windows with it

-Add to the "rinse" cycle of your laundry for a natural fabric softener

-Pour Baking Soda in a sluggish drain and pour vinegar over top until it stops hot water to flush

-Soak your feet in a solution of at least 1 cup of vinegar mixed into a sinkful of warm water...scrub with a pumice stone to soften rough areas

-Pour vinegar directly on a cloth (undiluted) to kill the black mould in your window gulleys...throw away the cloth when you are done!

Dried blackberry stain on white...yikes!!

Pour boiling water through the cloth...


Stainless Steel Muffin pan cleaned with the scouring powder...both muffin cups looked the same prior to cleaning...the one on the left has been done (I'm hoping that's obvious)!

Ball point pen written on fabric and cleaned with pump hairspray (not aerosol)...Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4...elapsed time, about 5 minutes. It required a rinse, a little scrubbing and a little more hairspray...amazing!

"Nature's Bleach" is another blog post over at The American Home which deals with more natural cleaning tips...enjoy!

Anyone else have any other great natural cleaning tips to share?


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

My sister would love this post! You can check out her non-toxic cleaning tips at It sounds like it is right up your alley!

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Thanks for the link to your sister's blog...I will go check it out! :)

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