January 25, 2010

Numbering Graces

How wonderful in the midst of the trials and troubles of this life, to pause and reflect and give thanks! Continuing to number the graces that God, our loving Heavenly Father sends our way. If we will only take the time to see ~ slow down to find ~ God's riches abound toward us!

"It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord..."
Psalm 92:1a

211. The Violin ~ and someone to play it! :)

212. The Piano ~ photo by Calvin...my budding photographer!

213. Yummy drink on a cold day ~ mmmmm!

214. Blonde head bent over school work

215. Spelling words out loud to herself as she creates a second grade journal

216. Watching the "light bulb" go on inside a young learner

217. Learning WITH my children

218. Richness of God's Word ~ New every morning!

219. Early morning quiet

220. Grey days ~ Makes us appreciate the sunny ones more

221. Violin and Piano playing at odds in opposite ends of the house ~ me in the middle!

222. Neat printing of a seven year old

223. Leakless roof ~ a blessing!

224. Sidewalks and paved roads

225. Little (and not so little) boy snuggles

226. Wisdom found in Proverbs

227. Educational DVD's

228. "Answers" magazine

229. AIG ministry

230. Howie's "kind" eyes

231. Repentant children

232. God's Grace evident in the lives of our children

233. Double pane windows after many years without

234. Carpeting

235. Music teachers

Many Blessings,


Farmgirl Cyn said...

So very many things to be thankful for!

Anonymous said...

beautiful list, thank you for sharing! (and your budding photographer is very talented!)

Wanting What I Have said...

Calvin...GREAT SHOT!!!! What talent!

Nancy @ 75 and Sunny said...

What a lovely list. Delighting with you in the goodness of our God.

Camille said...

Cindy ~ You are so right! I trust you are feeling better day by day!

Elouise ~ Welcome! Thanks for stopping by...and for the encouragement to my young man...he was tickled by it! :)

J ~ I showed Calvin your comment and he laughed...and said, "Not really, all I did was lay it on the piano."

Nancy ~ Welcome! Oh YES ~ Our God is truly GOOD!


Unknown said...

beautiful photos, lovely list :)

Camille said...

Catherine ~ Welcome! Thanks for your encouragement ~ God truly is Good! :)