June 12, 2010

I Lay My Sins on Jesus

I lay my sins on Jesus,
The Spotless Lamb of God;
He bears them all and frees us
From the accursed load.
I bring my guilt to Jesus,
To wash my crimson stains
White in His blood most precious,
Till not a spot remains.

I lay my wants on Jesus,
All fullness dwells in Him;
He heals all my diseases,
He doth my soul redeem.
I lay my griefs on Jesus,
My burdens and my cares;
He from them all releases,
He all my sorrow shares.

I rest my soul on Jesus,
This weary soul of mine;
His right hand me embraces,
I on His breast recline.
I love the Name of Jesus,
Immanuel, Christ, the Lord;
Like fragrance on the breezes
His name abroad is poured.

I long to be like Jesus,
Meek, loving, lowly, mild;
I long to be like Jesus,
The Father's Holy Child.
I long to be with Jesus,
Amid the heavenly throng,
To sing with saints His praises,
To learn the angels' song.

Horatius Bonar (1808-1889)


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I love this poem.
This a.m. I was chopping back the blackberries that continually plague us. I liken them to sin, always at us.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, I love my little garden. It looked really good this evening after watering it and we had some warm weather finally, up in the 80s!! Bought a beautiful hanging flower basket this afternoon to make the place happier looking! Hugs!


Love this........... always a place to fall- at His feet!

Are these Lupin flowers by any chance?

Choosing JOY for your Sunday,

Camille said...

Dear Becky ~ How wonderful it is to enjoy these blessings! I would imagine that blackberry bushes are troublesome, but oh the berries themselves are sooo yummy! I think you have an accurate picture there of sin...how we are plagued with it this side of glory!

Dear Stephanie ~ I am soooo thankful that the LORD did all this to save us from our sin! How blessed we are! And, the flowers, yes, I think they might be Lupins...they are in my neighbour's yard. I took this picture after it had rained so the beads of rainwater were still on the plants ~ so pretty! :)