June 7, 2010

Reflections ~ Ghana and My World

I have been reflecting on the many benefits
we daily enjoy in the Western World in light of
our niece's humanitarian trip to Ghana.
This week's list of thanks will include some of the things
I have taken forgranted, but are virtually
unknown in many parts of the world today.

I am ashamed to think of the many times I have complained when
things didn't go "my way" and yet the people our neice is
encountering are amazingly content in very adverse circumstances.
Oh that we may be a thankful people...
known for our contentment in whatever state we find ourselves!

In the compilation of this week's list I have become a little more aware
of how spoiled I really am!!
Oh that I would live up to the following statement from Scripure:

"Not that I speak in respect of want:
for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am,
therewith to be content."
Philippians 4:11

526. Indoor plumbing ~ for all kinds of tasks....

527. HOT and Cold Running water ~ INSIDE the house from MANY taps! :)

528. Filtered water!!

529. Waking up in the morning clean ~
rather than covered in a layer of dirt

530. Not required to get water from a shared community well

531. Ability to get medical attention in a timely manner

532. Clean medical facilities

533. Medicine if needed

534. Blood if needed

535. Variety of food ~ in abundance

536. No fear of famine or drought

537. No need to hand wash clothes

538. Ability to take a hot shower rather than use a bucket

539. Safe ride in our minivan ~ as opposed to the same size vehicle
with about three or four times the occupants

540. Clothes to dress our children with ~
in abundance...not to mention clean!

541. Electricity in our home

542. Heat in the winter

543. Air Conditioning in the summer (or at least a fan)!

544. Dishwasher! (A luxury I do not have at the moment) ;-)

545. Appliances and machines to simplify our work

546. Basic "necessities" of life

547. Choices...what to eat, what to wear, where to go!

548. Internet access within our home

549. Ability to call loved ones far away with ease and little expense

550. Church to attend within a do-able distance

551. Vegetables to buy that are clean and within easy distance ~
Our niece had to travel 2 hours to get some veggies after not eating ANY for about a month!

552. Clean mattress to sleep on ~ WITH sheets!

553. People who understand the language I speak!

554. People who know what time it is and abide by the "rules" of time!

555. Cultural "norms" that we take forgranted

556. Reliable phone connections for a great price!

557. Generator for back up power in the hospital ~
imagine surgery without it when the power goes out
in the middle of the procedure!!

558. No need for a leprosy colony in our town!

559. No children coming up from the sewer beneath my feet
(who were there looking for food)!

560. All I "need" and more within a very close (mostly walking) distance

561. Variety of teas just waiting in the cupboard for my choosing

562. Chicken (without the "extras") to feed my family...our niece isn't quite sure what she has been eating lately!! AND yes, it is upside-down...I roast it that way to keep the white meat from drying out. :)

Many Blessings to you all!


Sharon said...

Amen Camille!

We have so much and to think that we may complain because the hot water might take to long to get to the temperature we want. God is so very gracious to us! Thank you for sharing about your niece's visit and putting things into proper perspective for us and to remind us to be praying for our missionaries daily and those they are ministering to :)

Have a blessed day sweetie!


Lady Farmer said...

Thank you, Camille, for the reminder of the multitude of blessings that God has bestowed on us each and every day!

Camille said...

Oh dear Sharon! Today I just read more of her experiences...how sobering!! She is working with victims of leprosy and it is horrible to think of the lack of supplies and equipment to treat those poor people!! How very spoiled we are!! Oh yes, those who are working in these situations need the LORD's grace and strength daily...might we remember to pray for them often!

May the LORD bless you this day!
With Love,

Camille said...

Dear Raeann ~ Sorry, I missed you as you left a comment at the same time as me! :) Oh yes...the LORD has truly blessed us beyond measure in this part of HIS world!! Might we always be thankful and willing to share!

In His Love,

Heather said...

What a fantastic and humbling list.

You found the tea!!!

Camille said...

Thanks Heather!

Oh...it has been a reality check, that's for sure!! I can barely stand to read her emails about the whole thing!!

AND...YES...I found a similar tea...not the exact one, but oh is it GOOD! :)