January 16, 2012

Spelling Worries?

Spelling a struggle?
A Worry?

Having trouble remembering
all those *rules*
to teach to your children?
Looking for a program that
will cover all your bases?

The Phonetic Zoo
is a wonderful resource.
It has been a great program
for our family.

There are three levels ~
A, B, and C.
Level A begins with words such as either,
neither, and peacock.
Not really *beginner* words,
but it is where this program starts.

Emma is currently in grade four
and is working on the first list.

The third list is considered
high school level.

One of the greatest things about it
(in my opinion),
is that it is student-directed.
The student listens to a CD.
The words are given.
They write them down.
The correct spelling is dictated
to them as they mark their own work.
The rule of the program is
that they do not advance to the
next lesson until 100% is achieved.

It really works!
And it is not something
I have to worry about any more.
Yippee! :)
I hope you enjoy it as
much as we do.

Click Here
to get to the Phonetic Zoo website.

Happy Spelling!

**Disclaimer ~ I just share what
works for us and what we like.
I am not compensated in any way.


PippaDavies said...

I have also heard good things about this curriculum. Thanks for sharing. Mastery is always a good way of learning and this sounds very self directed. Blessings Pippa:)

Patty said...

I looked at using this some years ago, but decided not too. It seemed like a good program. Do you think it would work well with remedial spelling for an older student? Spelling is still a weakness for our youngest son.

Have a great day, Camille.

Camille said...

Dear Pippa ~ Yes, it is VERY self-directed AND thorough...I *love* it! :)

Dear Patty ~ I am sure it would work wonderfully well for your son. May the LORD bless you with a great day too! :)

Many Blessings,