September 19, 2012

The Hybrid Approach

In the last little while, I have
fielded a few questions regarding treatment for Crohn's.
Before I launch into some of what we have been doing,
please let me say, we do not have it all figured out.
It is, and has been, a journey.

Quite the journey, in fact!

I am not a medical professional.
I am just a Mum seeking to do her best for her child.
Please weigh everything I share in that light.

Please also understand this ~ God is Faithful.
He never gives more than we can bear. Never.
What a blessing it is to rest in that. Truly.

A Blessing!

This journey for us began nearly three years ago.
Austin had been unwell for awhile off and on for about
nine months before his condition
escalated to the point of near desperation.
I did some serious research online.
My research pointed to Crohn's and I wanted to be proven wrong.
I pressed for testing to be done and we got our diagnosis.

Crohn's it was.

During this journey of research and testing,
we pursued alternative ways to deal with his condition.
And, he got some relief ~ what a blessing!
It was due to this relief, as well as some reading
I had done, that encouraged us to continue to pursue these means.

Now that we have been on this journey for a full two years,
much has been learned. Some things have remained the same,
while other things have changed. We must flex and grow.

It has been necessary.

Treating our son became a little more complicated when
The focus shifted from Crohn's to DCM.

And, rightly so.

Since those early days of dealing with a
life-threatening heart condition,
my focus has changed.
Everything changed in those first
few days of heart-wrenching uncertainty.

We are seeking to deal with Austin as a whole person.
And, we are taking what one friend referred
to as the "Hybrid Approach" ~ I like that.

The best of both worlds.

I came across a book that seems to be balanced in its approach.

Among other recommendations,
the basic premise of this book
is that you eliminate gluten, sugar, and dairy from your diet.
The author advocates using a good pro-biotic.
He also recommends getting yourself tested for any
immune responses you may have to foods,
and avoid any that are troublesome.

And, over time, relief is often the reported result.

It's simple.
And not ~ at the same time.
It is never easy to give up sugar, gluten and dairy.
Not easy, but not impossible either.

It seems to be working.

Austin has been taking the prescribed medications.
He has also been diligent about diet and taking his supplements.
The Hybrid Approach ~ It seems to be the sensible way to go.

One day at a time. Step by step. With the LORD.
HE is Faithful. And, HE does all things well.

If you are struggling with your own set
of troubles, please feel free to share,
and I will seek to remember you in prayer.
My email is found near the top right of my blog sidebar.

The LORD hears and answers.
HE will never give HIS people
more than they can bear!

What a blessing it is to belong to HIM!

In HIS Love,

**Disclaimer ~ I am not a medical professional.
I cannot advise on any dietary supplements, protocols,
or treatments. I am a Mum who is seeking to do the best
for her child, and along the way, I am sharing what I am learning.
May the LORD give you wisdom as you seek HIM for it! HE is Faithful.


Jill said...

Glad you have found an option that seems to be working Camille. I am a firm believer that diet and exercise can really cure so many things. Have you seen the movie Forks over Knives, Food matters, Fat, sick & nearly dead and there's a couple more. They all have good pieces of info. in them. I continue to pray for your family.


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Thankful to hear there is relief for Austin and you are seeking non-medical ways to get him feeling better again. Hugs to you!

Sandy said...

Camille, having a son with autism, I have done plenty of research into gut issues. It is my understanding that following the GAP diet can do wonders for crohn's. If you Google GAP diet you will find everything you need to know. I found the book from our library.
Thinking of you...

Camille said...

Dear Jill ~ Thank you for your interest and for your kind words my friend...they are greatly appreciated! :)

Dear Becky ~ Thank you so much my friend. The LORD is Good! :)

Dear Sandy ~ Thank you for suggesting the GAP diet...I think I will try to get that book from our library. What a blessing to have these resources available to us! May the LORD give you HIS wisdom and grace as you seek to nurture your autistic son...HE is Faithful! :)

Many Blessings,

Intentional Living Homestead said...

I will forward this to my sister. God is ever faithful. Always needing a reminder of this:-)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Camille - it's so difficult but God will guide Him!

Camille said...

Dear Connie ~ Thank you for your kind concern and for your prayers. Please thank your sister for me too...what a blessing! :)

Dear Sandra ~ I so appreciate your thoughtful words and for pointing me back to our precious LORD...HE truly does all things well. :)

Many Blessings,

Maryann said...

I have always felt the "hybrid" approach was the best way to approach most medical issues. A balance between "natural" interventions and medical support (with meds etc) Praying that God will continue to give you wisdom in this area and that Austin will continue to improve

Camille said...

Dear Maryann ~ Thank you so much for praying and for your kind and encouraging words...the LORD is Good. Always. I appreciate you! :)

Many Blessings,

Heather@Cultivated Lives said...

Hi Camille, As I've communicated before, I'm so thankful for what you have communicated of your walk with Austin through all of this.

You have inspired me to trust Jesus with my daughter as she's struggled with her gut issues and been a means of providing some thoughtful insight.

I pray that God would heal your son and that before He does this healing work, that He would give you all wisdom, strength and peace. Oh we serve such a wonderful God who provides for all of our needs as they arise.

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ I am thankful that it all has been a blessing to you. Continue to look to the LORD...HE is Faithful!! What a blessing it is to belong to HIM. Thank you for your sweet friendship and for your kind words of encouragement. You bless my heart. :)

With love,