September 22, 2014

The Quotidian (22. 9. 14)

Quotidian: daily, usual, or customary;
everyday; ordinary; commonplace.

Actually, not daily ~ normally, I drink coffee.

Doing what she often does.

School has begun in earnest.

My two businessmen.

The library/schoolroom ~ currently occupied by Fraser and Emma.

Going for a ride.

Getting them both in the panning shots was tricky.

Getting them both in focus was even trickier!

This was the best of the lot ~ all that can be seen

of Calvin is the edge of his front wheel.  
I guess panning is best done with one subject.  :)

A little something pretty at the front door.
Have I ever mentioned that I *love* Hydrangea flowers?
Well...I do.  A lot.  What's your favourite?

Happy Monday Y'all!
With Love, Camille


Stephanie said...

And happy Monday to you, sweet friend! I love your library/school room - it looks so nice and cozy :)

Hugs to you!

Dianna said...

Hmmm...I am wondering if my camera has a "panning" setting? I love the last of the three you did. I love seeing the background blurred with the forefront totally focused!

I enjoyed my visit here today, Camille dear. xo

Maryann said...

Ordinary is good, I think I am looking forward to some ordinary days. I also love hydrangeas, sad that mine didn't do so well this year...late frost killed the buds. I also love roses even though they can be a bit persnickety, actually any flower in general is welcome at my house. Blessings to you

Patty said...

Daily blessings! I really don't know that I have a favorite flower. There are so many beautiful ones. Your hydrangeas reminded me of our oldest son's wedding. They were the flowers of choice (blue also) and were quite beautiful!

Camille said...

Dear Stephanie ~ Thank you for your kind words...hugs to you, too! :)

Dear Dianna ~ On my camera the setting is *active* or *sports* focus on your moving subject and slowly move your camera along with them while you shoot. :) Hope that makes sense. Thank you for your sweet always.

Dear Maryann ~ Yes, roses are a little finicky....but, sooo worth it! I agree...every flower is welcome here as well. Hugs to you! :)

Dear Patty ~ Mmmmm...hydrangeas at a wedding...sooo wonderful! I am sure it was just beautiful. Hugs. :)

With love,

Jill said...

What lovely pictures! I love the action shots and hydrangea flowers are one of my favorites too! Are you having any cool temperatures yet? Hope you are having a great week!


Debbie Harris said...

Tulips are my favorite flower, Camille.
I just finished off a beautiful bouquet of bright yellow tulips that lasted longer than any I have had in the past.
Your reading library school room is quite lovely. I would find myself there quite often.
Sweet blessings to you.
Joy! Debbie

Camille said...

Dear Jill ~ are always so sweet with your words. :) Yes, our temperatures are dropping. But, we have the occasional warm day thrown into the mix. I haven't turned on the heat in the house yet. Happy weekend to you! :)

Dear Debbie ~ You are a sweet encouragement to my heart...thank you for your kind words. May the Lord bless you with His peace and presence in this busy season. Hugs. :)

With love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love seeing bits of your daily life! Your library is so much neater than mine. Mine looks like a disaster, LOL, BUT I love it anyway ;) Did I see a bunch of Hardy Boy/Nancy Drew books in that bunch. Josiah is really getting into the old Hardy Boy books. I've been able to pick up a few at yard sales and our local library has a bunch, too.

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Yes, you did see Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books on those shelves! I like the *old* ones rather than the *new* generation ones...they are *classic*. :) How fun it is to open up that world for our children...yippeee that Josiah is getting into them. Hugs to you, Camille