January 14, 2012


I need a plan.
It's how I'm wired.


I used to be opposed to the
alarm clock.
I would wake up at a reasonable
hour on my own.
Usually 7 AM.

But, not always.

Sometimes I slept in.
It was easy to let our schedule
fly out the window on those days.
The structure was gone.
Yes, we still got things done.
But, no one knew what to expect.

It felt horrible.

Hence, the need to revamp the system.
Revamp *the plan*.
My plan includes the alarm.
It has really been helpful.

It keeps me accountable.
Starting and ending
at the same time every day
is a BIG part of *the plan*.

Keeping it simple and
structured is imperative.

It's what works.
For me.

We homeschool.
Structure to our day is
so important.

Day after day.
The same.

My plan allows for flexibility.
Life happens.
I get that.
And there are seasons.
I get that, too.

But, as much as is possible,
*the plan* must be adhered to.

A time for rising.
A time for schooling.
Times for eating.
Times for exercise and worship.
Time for scheduled appointments,
work and play.
A time for resting.

A framework for the day.
Each day.

For me,
teaching is best done in the morning.
I have a block of time set aside for that.
Nothing is to interfere.
No chatting on the phone.
No computer work.
No appointments.

I need to be home.
And my mind must be too.

Afternoons are available
for appointments,
shopping and playing.


We are all in various seasons.
My plan may not be what works for you.
Your *best* time to school might
be the exact opposite of mine.
(If you homeschool, that is).
Our days will be different from yours.
But, the principle is the same.

A plan is necessary to accomplish
what is necessary.

The goal?

A peaceful home.
Where we all know what to expect.
That we might bring Glory to God.
Each day.

By HIS Grace.

If you desire to implement a *plan*,
I would encourage you to pray.
Ask the LORD what HE would have you
keep and what HE would have you
eliminate from your schedule.
Ask your husband what his vision
for your home life is.
Together, make a plan.

And then,
be flexible.
Enjoy the life God has given you!
And live for HIS Glory!
Each day.

"But ye, brethren,
be not weary in well doing."
~ II Thessalonians 3:13 ~

Many Blessings,


Patty said...

You are right. Things go much smoother when there is a plan. Simplicity is so good! It keeps us from getting so bogged down with "red tape" that nothing gets accomplished. I agree ~ your simple and structured plan is a good idea.

Sharon said...

Great post Camille :)

I also need structure and whenever I deviate from that things go awry.:)

I think structure is especially important for homeschooling families. I know what times my friends are homeschooling and wouldn't dare think of calling them during that time (except for of course an emergency).

Our God is a God of order. Yes sometimes we need to be flexible but chaos is not of/from Him :)

Have a Blessed Sunday Camille!


Lisa said...

Wise words, Camille. Thank you for sharing. Your encouragement to "Ask your husband what his vision for your home life is. Together make a plan." is what was important for me to read.

Grandma Becky said...

Good idea! If I don't set the alarm, I sleep too late. Not good for days I work, ok for days I'm off if I sleep a bit later. But my plan is to get myself to bed earlier than I have been lately. I know I'd feel a whole lot better if I did! Now that I work 4 days a week I need to use my time more wisely. I'm getting used to the newness of it. Just two weeks under my belt but it's gonna be good!
When we homeschooled, morning was the time for school and maybe a bit in the afternoon.
Hugs and thanks for sharing!

Becky said...

Love this Camille. I totally agree, we need to have a plan, a schedule, we need to pray over it and pray that we will keep our lives framed.

And these words of yours are going directly to my journal: "I need to be home. And my mind must be too."

Hugs to you, sister!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

It is so important for our children as well to have structure. I find when I choose not to homeschool, it kind of throws everyone off. I like sticking to the plan, but I also like to be flexible enough that if someone shows up at my doorstep, I am able to minister or help them without feeling resentful.

Great post!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

If there is one thing I've learned about homeschooling it is how important it is to have a schedule, even if you don't follow it perfectly every day. That structure has been so wonderful in home :)

Karen said...

I admire women who can go by a schedule,,and I actually desire to do it,, and when I have tryied To Do List..I did pretty good and did feel accomplished when I was able to cross off things on my list.. but in the same sentence..I would be too hard on myself when i didnt get to the things on my list due to life happening...I really would like to try it again though..thanks for sharing that with us..and I will give it another go..
God bless ..have a great week.

Heather said...

Yes, Camille! A hearty YES! Schedule is everything BECAUSE there are always so many interruptioins. I'm working on re-vamping mine too.

As for a treat a week... Meghan laughed and said, "Mommy, Camille is trying to bring you down!" We had a good laugh because we know you would never intentionally do that, lol! However, I'm in sugar detox and can't even have my once a week treat YET! I know it would send me quickly back to where I was in needing it instead of wanting it. I have another week and then I MIGHT sample Emily's birthday cake on the weekend for her party :)


Hope it goes well for you too! Let's keep each other posted!

Tami said...

LOVE to hear of another planner! Sometimes it seems people look at me as though I have three heads when I talk about our schedule. But I agree, the days when "life happens" are much more tolerable when all those other days surrounding are structured. I find myself overwhelmed if I don't have a good plan to adhere to. Order is much more preferable to fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. I'm still learning how to get it all done in this homeschool world, and it's comforting to me when this newbie sees from someone like you that I've got a few of the good building blocks in place!

Blessings on you, Camille!
Much love from windy NM!

Camille said...

Dear Patty ~ I often got *bogged down* with too much on the *list* and too many short little segments of time blocked off. Not good. Simple really is best. (At least in my books). :)

Dear Sharon ~ How sweet you are to your homeschool friends! How blessed we are that God truly IS a God of order...what a blessing!! :)

Dear Lisa ~ Oh how easy it is to just go off on our own...but, how freeing it is to consult! :)

Dear Grandma Becky ~ Oh yes...there is a lot to be said for the *early to bed, early to rise* quote! How true it is! :)

Dear Becky ~ You are a sweet encourager...thank you! Hugs to you too! :)

Dear Stacie ~ Yes, flexibility is important too! A balanced life...with God's Grace! I agree...we all do better with structure. :)

Dear Jackie ~ We don't always follow it *perfectly* either...but, how wonderful to at least have a plan and structure to frame our days! :)

Dear Karen ~ Sometimes it is hard. And there are *seasons* where it is impossible, but, a simple plan is a great thing! I especially like *set* times for meals and rising and sleep. It makes such a difference! :)

Dear Heather ~ LOL! I am in NO WAY trying to sabbotage your plan! Keep it up! You are doing great!!! :)

Dear Tami ~ I can get overwhelmed too! I know exactly what you mean. How wonderful it is that the LORD is Gracious with us when we do fall. And how blessed we are that we can get back up with HIS help. Enjoy these precious days with your little ones...it's a lovely thing to allow some liberty to the schedule too....enjoy life! :)

Many Blessings,