October 16, 2013

What About Socialization?

What about socialization?

All those who have been home educating their children
for any length of time, know that this is 
THE all-time most popular, always-asked question.
I cannot tell you how many times it's been posed to us.

Many.  Over and over.  Again.
And Again!  :)

~ Emma (centre) with two friends at 
our weekly skating outing ~

Rather than re-invent the wheel,
I am going to share with you a well-rounded,
thorough, and well-thought-through answer via a link.
My friend Heather, who blogs at Cultivated Lives, nailed it.  
Find her wonderful post by clicking here.

I am sure you will be encouraged by her words.
Just as I have been.

~ Fraser and Emma playing Skip-Bo ~

Thank you, Heather, for writing such a

well rounded, well thought through article on this
topic that we all must wrestle with.
Not just those of us who home educate.
All of us.

Many Blessings,


Becky L. said...

I remember that question when we home schooled as well. Annoying! It was rather interesting a man we met thought our children were so polite and spoke well with other people. Phil told him we home teach, man was a school principal. He was amazed. Just because we home teach doesn't mean children aren't with other people. They still are doing well in life, as adults. Thanks for sharing, Camille.

Lois said...

I usually reply, "What ABOUT it?" What do they mean by socialization? Most of the time they really don't know. At any rate, it isn't an end all. To raise children to love and serve the Lord is the goal of education, not socialization. Mostly people who ask that are more curious than critical about home schooling. When you ask them the same questions, it seems like they want the same things for their kids that you want for yours. Most of these parents are very concerned with bullying, and every mom I've talked to admits that they can do without that kind of socialization! I love the gentle answer your friend gave in her blog.

I don't know your children, but they seem to "get along" quite well with each other, in spite of being cooped up together 24-7! I also tell people that if my kids can learn to socialize with their siblings, they should be able to get along with just about anybody! No one has disagreed with me yet on that!

Lisa said...

Awesome post! Loved the article by your friend. Thanks for sharing and passing this along! Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, my friend :)
Much love,

Camille said...

Dear Becky ~ Thank you for the encouragement my friend. It's lovely to hear from one who was a pioneer in these things. I'm sure your grown children are so thankful you did that for them. :)

Dear Lois ~ So lovely to hear from you! :) Ah, yes...if we can all get along in the home then we should be able to get along with others outside of it...so true! And, yes...the goal is to raise up children who will follow and serve the Lord above all else. Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Dear Lisa ~ Lovely to hear from you my friend! May the Lord bless you as you seek to train up your young ones for Him. Precious, precious days you are in...enjoy! :)

With love,

Heather said...

Hi I just found your blog, via some rabbit trailing:) thanks for sharing the article it was good! I am sorry but I do sometimes laugh when people ask me about socialization because often they ask the question while at an event where my children just happen to be socializing! So then I point over and say seems like they are doing ok ;) I am following along with your blog now :) ~Heather

Camille said...

Welcome Heather ~ It's lovely to meet you. :) Too funny the context in which that question gets asked sometimes. I had to chuckle at your comeback. :) Blessings, Camille