October 3, 2013

Seeking to See

It's a good thing to notice the seemingly little and insignificant
things in day to day life and living.
The little things really can be the most precious of all.
It is too easy to take so many things for granted.  So often.
When we overlook the little, we miss out on so much.  Too much.

Much of life is little.  Insignificant.  Routine.
But, these things are not little at all ~ they're big.
All added up and rolled into life ~ these moments are significant.
Very significant.  Very precious.  Anything but routine.

We often don't realise this until we look back.

On this day, I am starting up again.  Beginning afresh.
Seeking to see the tracings of His Hand in the everyday things of life.
They are there and they are precious.
 If only we will stop to consider.
If only we will slow down to take it all in.

These moments?  They are all precious gifts from His Hand.
By God's Great Grace, I am seeking to slow down to see.
These are the moments to cherish.

I am thankful for the ability to teach my girl to sew.
She is learning on the very same machine I learned on.
Isn't that something?  I *love* it.  :)

I am also thankful that she wants to learn!

Thankful, too, that our little project (a joint effort) turned out.
It was a skirt for Emily ~ Emma's doll.  :)
See the little purse?  It was a gift from a precious little friend.
Thank you Miss R...it's perfect!

I am thankful for my young men who work diligently at their studies.

And, I'm thankful for moments like these (above) when we catch
our Fraser doing what he loves best ~ studying about other lands and cultures.

This young man is able to work in the office
while Howie works in the background ~ it's a gift.

We are finally able to tackle the boys' room and fill 
all.those.holes. ~ Can you tell I'm excited about it? 

Yes, Calvin and Fraser both contributed to the state of the walls.

I was sad that I neglected to get a before photo for memories' sake.
They had posters of airplanes and countries and hockey plastered everywhere.
It was a sight to behold.  Maybe it's a good thing I forgot to take a picture.

Yes, a very good thing.  Smile.

I am thankful for this little rose tree and that we were able to plant it in this spot.
It was a gift in memory of our Austin.  Gorgeous blooms were produced all summer long.
Every day, as I come and go from our home, I pass by it.

Our precious Austin's entire memorial service has been 
preserved for us on DVD ~ thank you so very much Jonathan!  
We are very pleased with how well it turned out ~ what a gift of love.

I enjoy seeing the boys' hockey gear drying on the rack in the great outdoors.
It's been such a blessing to have hockey in our lives for all these years.
When the boys were little, I didn't like the idea of them playing hockey.
However, I now see that it's been a blessing, and I am thankful.

Our street is street-hockey-friendly.
As the streets all around us have become busier, 
ours has remained very much the same as it always has been.
It's another gift.

Emma was sick last week ~ it was a precious thing to see her tucked in on the couch.
It's even more precious that she is almost all better now.  
God is always so Good.  No matter what.

Still in her housecoat, she blew some bubbles on the back deck.
Thankful that she is still little girl enough to enjoy these sorts of things!
The laughter we shared as the bubbles blew away is a memory to cherish.

Isn't the bubble in this photo a powerful visual 

of how fleeting these moments really are?

May the Lord help us to enter into the moments He gives.

All the moments string together to make a life.
By God's grace, and in His strength, may we live them all for Him.

He alone is worthy of all our praise.

May we be found praising Him with our lives.
With all our hearts.  For all eternity.

Many Blessings,


Dianna said...

A beautiful post, Camille, about all of the little blessings that really turn out to be big blessings when we take the time to catch them, ponder them and just bask in God's goodness to us.

Love to you, my friend,

Hopes Handcrafts said...

Thank you for reminding me the important of appreciating the little things, things that are seeming insignificant. all these things are significant to our Creator and the Lover of our souls! I praise for for His Goodness and being the Lifter of our head..and thankful His Presence is such a big source of Comfort no matter what each one of us is walking through. {{hugs}}

Unknown said...

Beautiful, beautiful captures of your moments!

My little miss is sick right, feeling pretty miserable. But, I know she will be bouncing around the house again very soon.

Thanks for sharing your memories and moments, they help me to look more closely at mine.

Maryann said...

I love the analogy of the bubble, its a wonderful reminder of how fleeting moments are. There are so many little blessings in the everyday, but so often for whatever reason we let those moments slip away not acknowledging how wonderfully blessed we are. Enjoyed reading your list, how fun that your Emma learning on the machine you learned on
Love to you friend

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Bubble photo is great and so true, how fleeting life is. It seems like it was just Monday and now it's Thurs already? Living in the moments for Him, praising Him and worshipping Him daily in the work He gives me to do, wherever I am. Hugs and thanks for the thoughtful posts, as usual. Both my daughter and I haven't felt well this week. Both of us on the mend though. Longing for sleep tonight in the warm covers. It's chilly at night here. :0-

Donna said...

Love the post! I learned to cherish the moments myself. Just little things became more precious to me.
Loved seeing Emma sewing on your machine.

Wanting What I Have said...

How sweet and precious! Please tell Emma I LOOOOVE the skirt she made. She's one talented little lady. The rose tree is beautiful. I enjoyed the glimpse of life with Fraser at his desk and Howie in the background. Love you! xoxo

Patty said...

Such a sweet post, Camille. The doll skirt turned out so cute and the boys walls drew a chuckle. We've got some places on our walls that look similar! The bubble is indeed a powerful visual. Enjoy your sweet blessings today!

Heather said...

What a great job on the doll dress! Fantastic!
Love the photo of your boy in his room studying. What a neat perspective. So glad you're back to blogging, Friend :)

Camille said...

Dianna ~ How precious it is to belong to HIM! Hugs to you! :)

Julia ~ True words my friend. HE is Faithful and is always with us...no matter what! :)

Jenn ~ SO sorry your little miss has been sick...please give her our love! Get well soon, pumpkin! Hugs to you both. :)

Maryann ~ Yes, fleeting moments, indeed! Thank you for entering into my life through the means of blogging. I appreciate you. :)

Becky ~ Sorry you've not been well my friend. I trust you are all better now? Yes, nights are getting chilly here too. Don't you just *love* the seasons? :)

Donna ~ Yes, I know you understand about the preciousness of the *everyday* things. Thank you for visiting and for entering into my joys. I am sure you are treasuring up every precious moment with your newest little family member! :)

Jennifer ~ Emma smiled real big to think that you would compliment her on her sewing capabilities. She is enjoying it immensely. We are thankful that Howie is willing to have boys working in with him...what a blessing. Love to you! :)

Patty ~ Dear me! Those walls! What is it about the need to put things up everywhere??!! It will all be put right soon. :)

Heather ~ The photo you mention was inspired by Howie who noticed what he was doing. Fraser still doesn't know I took that shot. :)

With Love to you all!