June 14, 2010

J.O.Y.S. of Summer

The idea and where it began ~
"The Thousand Gifts" post by Ann Voskamp...
Might it inspire you to begin your own journey of thankfulness?

One by one I count and continue to number the blessings.
They truly are "new every morning" and as long as I live and have breath,
there are countless ways to praise HIM.
Everything, after all, is directly from His loving hand.
How wonderful to call Him Father!

563. Spinning girl in summer colours...

564. Helpers in the veggie garden

565. Dirt movers ~ more of my gardening helpers

566. Stuffies at the end of the lower bunk ~ won't always be like this!

567. More stuffies at the end of the top bunk bed ~
don't we sometimes think they will always WANT them there?

568. The "welcome home!" of many voices after a short trip to get groceries

569. The many hands that make the work light

570. The boys learning to be men

571. Beginnings of a veggie garden ~ our first!

572. AND seedlings just showing their green! :)

573. The quiet moments (few and far between)

574. The boy who cautiously enters the room where I nurse
a headache and rubs my arm to help me feel better...sooooo sweet!

575. The crunch of gravel and the stomp of feet as the boys run outside ~

576. The music school our children have lessons at ~
in the fall it will be all four in the same half hour!! :)

577. The last portfolio visit of the year! :)

578. Gracious Christian support teacher who
patiently guides and encourages ~
thank you Mrs. M! :)

579. Husband who helps and encourages and researches alongside me ~
how could I do it all without him?

580. Google Earth

581. Swim lessons

582. Teen Camp ~ put on by our church for the church kids

583. Dedicated Youth Leaders...blessings!

584. Grade Appropriate "fun" learning ~
on the computer...the kids think of them as games!

585. Dedicated "kid's" laptop computers in the schoolroom

586. Typer Island ~ Learning to type on the keyboard made fun!

587. Amazing resources...making learning an adventure

588. Good reads and a long summer in which to drink them all in!

589. Long days of summer...refreshing opportunites

590. Beach days with friends

591. Joys of Sun, Sand, and Sea

592. A Bucket and Shovel for the explorations

593. Blow-up row boat

594. Pool noodles

595. Boogie Boards

596. Biking adventures

596. Islands to explore

598. Ferries to take ~ journeys to enjoy

599. Local *free* outdoor pool

600. Waking in the morning to the songs of sweet birds

Many Blessings,


Dianna said...

Enjoyed your gratitude list today. Especially enjoyed the entries about those hands that help, welcome and soothe...and the young hearts that bring forth the actions of those hands.

Heather said...

Love these photos. "Welcome home" after grocery shopping... cute :)

amy in peru said...

oh thanks for sharing! these moments are pure gold... I am so thankful for the remembering.

amy in peru

Heather of Swallowing A Moose said...

Awesome things to be thankful for!

Be blessed this week sweet sister!

Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE it! Especially the stuffed animals at the foot of the beds. Oh, I know about those. (smile)

I hit #100 in my thankfulness journal this morning. It's been such a blessing.

Nadine said...

Wonderful summertime blessings - thank you for sharing!


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Stuffed animals are so fun and they do go away. It's hard to part with them when you downsize.
My beans and carrots are coming up in garden since Sat. Yippee!!! God bless and thanks for sharing the blessings in your life. We have so many that we take for granted. Hugs!

Christa said...

Hi Camille,
I love the picture of your daughter twirling around in the kitchen. I remember doing that when I was young, much, much younger of course and stopping and feeling the room spinning around and around. Do you remember doing that?
Oh, and your new garden! How wonderful. Will you keep us up to date with how it all goes? I'd love to know what you're planting.
And, about the cherries, If I had my own cherry trees and I was a billionaire, I would fly you and your family out to pick cherries and make pie. Wouldn't that be fun?

Have fun with your kids in the garden, these are precious times that the Lord gives us,


Camille said...

Dianna ~ Thanks for stopping by! Oh...how quickly these days will be behind us ~ makes me try to enjoy the here and now!! One day at a time with the LORD, right? Enjoy your day today!! :)

Heather ~ Thank you for your encouragement on the photos! Oh I know I will miss all this activity when it isn't here anymore!! :(

Amy ~ I agree...pure gold! Oh that we would cherish each moment! Don't you *love* being part of the numbering?? So wonderful!! :)

Heather of S.A.M. ~ Thank you! May the LORD bless you this week as well!! :)

J ~ Ohhhhh...100!! I'm so proud of you!! Keep on going...it gets better and better. :)

Nadine ~ Thank you for your friendship! :)

Becky ~ How fun that you have sprouts too...can't you just taste that fresh-from-the-garden goodness??

Christa ~ I DO remember spinning like that...oh a LONG time ago as well! :) The garden is VERY small at the moment...I haven't planted everything yet. At the moment it's corn and carrots...hopefully it will give us SOMETHING. How's your garden coming along?? AND I was touched by your sweet invitation to bake a pie...how much fun THAT would be!! :)

With Love to you each one!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Spinning little girls are precious aren't they?

Barbara said...

awesome photos, thank you dear, hugs and blessings, Barbara

Camille said...

Stacie ~ Oh yes, they are! Especially in pretty dresses! :)

Barbara ~ Thanks for your sweet encouragement! :)

With Love and Blessings,

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Hi Camille,
Thanks for stopping by to visit :) :) I have "A Merry Heart Journal" on the list of blogs/sites I read :) :) I decided to pay you a visit as well :) :) I love your blog and I signed up to "follow it"..there were two links that I was particularly interested in...Elisabeth Elliot and Grace to YOu. I actually went to John MacArthur's Church "Grace Community Church" in Jr High and High School before I moved to Oregon. The leader of my high school girls disciple group has us read "Passion and Purity" by Elisbaeth Elliot...and "Grace to You" is on my favorites list on my computer ;) :) I especially love listening to the sermons translated into other languages. Right now I listen in German...because I do speak German..but it's so cool...
Anyway, so awesome...It's really neat to "meet" other Christian ladies out there in blogland :) :)..Living for Jesus and making their homes awesome places to be :) :)
Oh, did I mention that my favorite movies are the Anne of Green Gables movies and my favorite tv show is Road to Avonlea?...LOVE IT...Blessings..and thanks again for visiting. You made my evening :) :) Greetings from Oregon, Heather :)

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Welcome! So kind of you to stop by! I *love* Anne as well...such a wonderful story. Have you read the books? You would enjoy them if you liked the movie...they are better ~ there are eight books in the series...try to get your hands on them and let me know what you think! :) I have loved Elisabeth Elliot for a very long time...she has such godly wisdom. What a blessing to have these ladies who point us to the LORD. We attended services one Sunday at Pastor MacArthur's church while on holiday 5 years ago in CA...it was a joy to be able to go.

Blessings to you!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

@Camille :),
Let me give you my Anne of Green Gables history..I read an excerpt in REader's Digest magazine YEARS ago now..probably 23 years ago...I'm 30-something now :) :) Anyway, I loved it.and so I bought the first book...I've read all 8I liked it to the very end...the only thing is that I wish Diana Barry...later Diana Wright..wouldn't have just faded away. They were best friends..and I wanted to see them grow old together and still be friends :) :)...I let a friend borrow books 2-8 and I never got them back :( :( I have some of L.M. Montgomery's other books as well. Now her story is also really interesting, but I digress ;) :)
I have seen the first three "Anne" movies..I haven't seen the fourth..now the first two were really good, because it still somewhat followed the storyline of the books. The third "Anne" movie was good by itself...but it was a total departure from the books!!...Oh that could be a whole blog post in itself. Oh, so one day my dad mentioned to someone that walked into the store where he was working that I really loved the movies...and she comes back awhile later and bought me both movies on VHS :) :) I still have them..and they're so old but still great ;) So that's the short of it..
Have you seen the Road to Avonlea tv series? I LOVE that show too. I've seen some episodes on cable a few years back and I have some episodes on VHS...Oh, eventually I'd like the whole series on DVD...it's such a quality show!!!..and Gus Pike and Felicity King were my favorite characters :)
I've always loved that time period...very romantic, the women dressed beautiful...everything was beautiful...even the houses etc :)Elisabeth Elliot is great. I also read the book "End of the Spear" by STeve Saint about how all those missionaries died..there's a companion documentary called "Beyond the Gates of Splendor" fantastic and I highly recommend it. I've also seen the move "End of the Spear"..I just bought Elisbeth Elliot's book "Quest for Love"...but I haven't actually read it yet...so I should do that ;) :)
Oh I ramble a LOT...sorry :) :) You have great interests :) :)

Camille said...

Thanks for sharing some of your interests Heather...it is lovely to get to know you a bit. I have always enjoyed "Anne" and the Road to Avonlea series is great too. Anything about the history surrounding Elisabeth Elliot and her story is very interesting ~ such a story of God's Grace! May we all seek to glorify HIM with our lives day to day.