September 3, 2010

Pray for Opportunities

**My Bible ~ opened to John 3:16**

Are you ever afraid to witness to someone?
Does approaching the subject seem daunting to you?
You are not alone.
Many people ~ myself included ~
want to share their faith,
but they are hindered by shyness, fear,
or simply not knowing where to begin.

BUT People NEED to know!

Many years ago as a single girl living at home
(working to save for college),
I was discouraged about the fact that I was working
with many ungodly people and yet had not been witnessing to them.
It was a daunting task as most of them were part of the
partying crowd which made me a tad bit nervous.
As I drove to work one particular day I recall praying
that the Lord would give me opportunities
to share the Gospel and my faith.

The Lord delights to answer this type of prayer!

A young man at work began to ask questions
about the Bible and thus began an ongoing conversation
about the things of God.
The Lord paved the way for a natural witnessing opportunity...
HE truly is a Wonderful Saviour!

I completed my work there not long after that,
and went away to college.
A few years later, I ran into that same young man in the
Christian bookstore, of all places!
Obviously, I expressed my amazement that he was in such a place
and he informed me that he had become a Christian!
What an exciting and encouraging day.

It seems that very often you will not find out
when you have been used of the Lord to draw someone to Himself.
Some of us are not the last link in the chain,
BUT we are very often links IN the chain!

Be encouraged, and know that it is all of the Lord.
HE will accomplish HIS perfect will ~
we are just called to be FAITHFUL.

Might you try praying the same type of prayer mentioned above
and watch the Lord work?
You will be amazed how the opportunities will naturally
come up to share the gospel ~
it really will not be difficult at all!

"But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:
and be ready always to give an answer to
every man that asketh you a reason of the hope
that is in you
with meekness and fear."

~ I Peter 3:15 ~

May the LORD give us each the
courage and strength to share the Good News
with this dying world!

Feel free to share a "witnessing" story with us all
in the comments of this post.
I am sure it will be a blessing to others to hear
what the LORD has done!

In Him,


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Interesting that you would share the post on sharing your faith. I just went through a 4 week (Sunday) course at church where we learned how to share our faith. It was great to get a tool to use. It's called Evangelism Explosion. After all these years, it makes me comfortable. Praying up b4 witnessing helps alot.

Camille said...

Dear Becky ~ How wonderful that the LORD is giving you courage to share your faith! It really is the BEST news we can share with anyone! I agree, prayer is essential...after all, it is the Holy Spirit that does the work of saving souls. How wonderful that HE equips us to be used by HIM!


Cinnamon said...

It is amazing how the Lord works. I am always trying to be aware of those special opportunities to share with my children. They can be so easily overlooked in my busy day.


Camille said...

I agree Cinnamon! The LORD IS amazing! How wonderful that you are being sensitive to HIS leading in the lives of your children...oh how precious those "special moments" are! Might we all have the wisdom to slow down and really invest in the children God has given us. :)


Unknown said...

Camille.. its funny.. you posted this today.. I have been running into that feeling every once in a while lately..
I have an old friend of mine that I just reconnected with and she is not a beleiver but she knows that I am.
She has made a few little comments and that is partly when she is an Old Friend and not my bff..but that is wrong.. i should not be feeling like that I should make a point to be around her so she can see the light in me..even if i dont say a word.."win them over with a gentle and quiet spirit"
Thanks for the post.. very eye opening..
Love ya girl..
Have a blessed weekend

Camille said...

Dear Karen ~ You are right...we need to be a light wherever we are to whoever we are HIS grace! We must be wise in it all as well ~ we must not adopt the ways of the world to "win" the lost...we live upright and godly and the Holy Spirit will bring them to Himself through despair over their own sin. May the LORD help us to live godly in Christ Jesus day by day! May HE help you as you seek to be a light to your friend...we all need the LORD! :)


Unknown said...

Beautiful! This is such a great post. I am so thankful I scrolled down to see what posts of yours I had missed.

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ Thank you for being such an encouragement to me! I'm glad you scrolled down too. :)


Lois said...

Thank you for the conviction! :(
I am the world's biggest wuss when it comes to witnessing. Recently when I returned to college (a technical one, no less,) as a 40-something year old, I realized what a loud testimony it is just having an absence of profanity! That alone, plus the mother figure I was to the younger classmates, opened the door to many a conversation about abortion, what the Bible really says, and having a solid marriage. One classmate was extremely hostile about Christianity, but without speaking a word to him, he still somehow knew I was a believer. I refused to answer any of his taunts, and I believe that in itself was a loud witness. I still pray for him altho I haven't seen him since.

Camille said...

Dear Lois ~ How wonderful that you had so many opportunities arise from the life you were living before those college students. The most powerful thing to do is to pray...the Holy Spirit must do the saving work in their hearts. May there be much fruit from your witness there!