September 12, 2010

Heritage ~ What Are We Building?

We each have an heritage.
And we are leaving one behind.
Where have we come from?
And what are we building?
Who is in our family tree?
And WHO is the Maker of us all?

We have been placed by HIM in the
family we are in.
None of us have perfect families,
but we have a PERFECT God.
Are we living our lives for HIM?

HE uses all things to mould us into HIS image
and to shape us for HIS use.
Are you mouldable?
Am I?

~ My Dad and his sister Fran around 1940 ~

~ Beverley, Fran, Don, and Walter ~

Continuing to number the "ordinary" blessings
in this life that HE has given...

771. A legacy to leave for our children

772. The ability to be useful in HIS Kingdom in this home ~
what a thought!

773. Heritage to discover

774. Following in HIS paths

775. Leading our young ones to do the same

776. Making memories

777. The first day back to school and the beach was quiet ~ perfect!

778. Walking at the beach with our children ~
these days are passing too quickly!

779. Thirteen-year-old who comes alongside me
and joins hands with mine

780. Eleven-year-old who joins in on the other side

781. The fresh fall weather

782. Sounds of the ocean and birds and crickets

783. The girl that notices and thinks and says some of the same things
I am thinking! How precious!

784. The flowers that are picked just for me and given with love ~
thank you Fraser! :)

785. Train rumbling by

786. Boys that run

787. Girl that jogs alongside and chatters

788. She asks "What are we having for lunch?" ~
I ask for ideas. We go home and make it together! :)

789. And "What are we having for dinner?" ~
And planning the rest of the day's meals together
hand in hand in joy...the days are flying by!

790. Returning to "order" and "schedules" and "back to school"

791. Clearing out and cleaning up

792. Fresh beginnings

793. The return of rain

794. The energy to do the things that need to be done

795. The wisdom to let some things go :)

Many Blessings,


Heather said...

I love how you honour your boys and rejoice in the special things with your daughter, Camille. Have a good week.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

What a beautiful made me smile with all the wonderful photos.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I do think 'heritage to discover' is truly a blessing. Lovely to see it on your list. As you know Camille I have recently become aware of my Canadian heritage. Still searching for a picture of my great grandmother - there are streets named after her family in Nova Scotia as is the visitor centre! I think I may need to visit Canada. My daughter has just entered an online comp with the prize being a trip to your lovely city. Told her she had to win it so I can come and visit you!
Have a blessed week!


What a treasure of old photos. I have a 'thing' for old photos!

I hope I am building a legacy of the Love of Christ in my life - one that is bent on His Kingdom purpose - as I attempt to live every single day as if it were my last on earth!

Choosing JOY, Stephanie

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

I really all the thanks you're thankful for...oh, the photo of your father and his sister as little kidlets...that's adorable!!! Too cute...and those outfits ;) :) :) I have a lot of family photos...but one of my favorites is my grandmother when she was a baby...and another where she must be around 2 years old and riding a tricycle down the street.

Your family is sweet....I love it that they still want to hold your hand and they bring you flowers etc. Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Thank you for your sweet encouragement ~ it is a blessing! May the LORD give you a wonderful week! :)

Dear Treasures ~ You made me smile with your lovely comment...thank you! :)

Dear Ann ~ Oh yes! You must come for tea! I will serve something British to honour our heritage...although we are Canadian, our roots are mostly British. How interesting that you have prominent roots here in to discover and uncover, isn't it? :)

Dear Stephanie ~ I am so encouraged that you are seeking to build a heritage of faithfulness in the lives of your rich that is! May the LORD help us all to live in such a way! :)

Dear Heather's Blog-o-rama ~ I have *loved* those photos for a long time and now I finally have them in my possession! Thank you for your sweet comments. :)

Blessings to you each one!
In His Love,

Linda said...

Hi Camille,
Beautiful post and beautiful photos! You touched my heart.
Your family is so precious!
Enjoy your day.
Blessings and hugs

Unknown said...

I love those pictures..
Photo's are sooooooo important..
and I dont know of anyone who doesnt soften their heart when they look at old childhood pictures.. remembering a simpler time.. when just being with someone was enough...
thanks for reminding me toooo
Love ya Friend..
thanks for the great post..

Camille said...

Dear Linda ~ Thank you for encouraged my heart tonight. :) The LORD is so good to us, isn't HE?

Dear Karen ~ How wonderful to learn of the past and those who have gone before us. How sweet when we learn of those that loved the LORD...might we be known for generations to come for the love we have for HIM too! :)

Blessings to you both!
In His Love,

Cinnamon said...

I love #788, making and sharing lunch together ~sweet moments~


Camille said...

Thanks Cinnamon! Yes, these are precious days...might we all enjoy them to the full. :)

Blessings to you!
In His Love,

Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Hello Camille,
I loved your post. So much encouragement. He does place us in our families and molds us to HIS image. He is a perfect God..

For Him,

Camille said...

Dear Virginia ~ YES!! He IS a perfect God! How wonderful to belong to HIM first! Thank you for your sweet encouragement...have a lovely day! :)


Tami said...

Ahhh...#775. What a GIFT!
Your numbering contains so much JOY! I read it in most every word and it puts a smile on my face. Thank you for sharing such sweet ways God has blessed you. Encouraging and uplifting!
And #786...We've begun the whole, "Mama, watch dis!" and then he runs as fast as he can, making sure I see his skills. Love boys that run!
Blessings to you, my friend!
Much love from Texas -

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ Yes, boys do bring adventure to our lives, don't they? And, girls do too, of course...just of a little different variety. :) Thank you for your encouragement Tami...your friendship is a blessing!

Blessings to you today!
In His Love,