December 12, 2010

Once Again...

I give thanks.
Once again...
It's a weekly habit.

A blessing.

Would you join us?
In a private journal,
on your blog,
or both?
I'd be thrilled if you would.

If you should choose to record your thanks,
I'm sure you will find it to be a blessing too...
give it a try?

Joining in this Monday with Ann.
Maybe next week you will be on her list too?

1023. Little hands that want to help

1024. The children decorated the tree and
I didn't rearrange it afterwards...

1025. A gift from a blogging friend far away ~
Thank you Linda!

1026. A *system* for wet outdoor clothes,
and a *mud room* to close the door on!

1027. A Dad who makes things for me ~
these are to cover the space around our dishwasher...

1028. A *problem* such as this to fix ~
Do you recall that we live in an older home?
It didn't have a dishwasher originally,
so a cupboard was removed by a previous owner to
accomodate one...they *hacked* out a space and
hung a bit of baseboard to hide the gap. :-/
Thankfully, my Dad is brilliant with his hands ~
he has been a great blessing to us around here! :)

1029. That I had the time to paint and
install these pieces and it worked!

1030. The dishwasher passes all the tests I put it through ~


Unknown said...

Your thankfulness for the hands that decorated your tree and then you refraining from rearranging made me smile. As the years have progressed, I think I have too, I don't rearrange any more. I let them have the joy of decorating!

Nadine said...

Wonderful Blessings!
Our dishwasher just gave out at our house. We will be doing dishes by hand for quite awhile, as a new one is not in the budget, oh well! :)


Wanting What I Have said...

Love the new dishwasher and I am so happy your dad was able to make the necessary parts to make it all visually pleasing - which is such a blessing!

Blessings to you, this week, sweet friend!

Patty said...

All sweet blessings. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

No 1024 made me smile. We also are making progress - the main tweaking of the tree I had to do was to move a few breakable ornaments to the higher branches as I anticipated that my crawling boy would be very interested in the Christmas tree - alas he is not that taken with it, it doesn't have wheels and go vroom vroom!
Hope you are enjoying all your Christmas preparations and staying warm!

Intentional Living Homestead said...


Have a wonderful week.

Camille said...

Dear Jenn ~ How wonderful that the LORD gives us children and THEY are used by HIM to change US!! We think it's the other way around when we begin, don't we? Thank you for being a faithful friend and for your sweet are a blessing to me! :)

Dear Nadine ~ Hand washing is not so bad when there are many hands to help...but after six months without, I was thrilled to have a new one to do the dishes for us. May the LORD give you the grace day by day as you wash together...even in that we can glorify HIM! :)

Dear Jennifer ~ How blessed I am! The LORD has given us each abilities and talents and my Dad is gifted at fixing and building and we are so thankful for all his help over the years! Thank you for your compliments on my new stainless-coloured *servant*'s so much fun to put her to the test! :)

Dear Patty ~ Lovely to hear from you! May the LORD bless you and your family this CHRISTmas too!! :)

Dear Ann ~ Too cute about your littlest boy! LOL! Yes, *vroom, vroom* speaks a boy's language much more than sparkly things do! :)

Dear Treasures ~ ((Hugs)) back to you my friend! Have a wonderful week as well! :)

Blessings to you each one!
In His Love,

Make a Joyful Noise all ye Lands said...

Hello Camille,
Merry Christmas.. I am thankful for your sweet potatoe casserole recipe. We all loved it. I have been truly enjoying my family and this season of love and thankfulness.. I do hope you and your sweet family are doing well.

Camille said...

Dear Virginia ~ It's so good to hear from you! I tried visiting you and found you were offline for worries...I understand! How wonderful that you have been able to have such lovely family times! Merry CHRISTmas to you as well! May the LORD bless you all in the coming year. :)

In His Love,