June 7, 2011

Above and Below

On Auntie Mary's recent visit,
we had the opportunity to have her
stay with us in our home for a few days.
All to ourselves!

We planned a day trip to Seattle
to do some of the *touristy*
things we had not done before as a family.
Auntie Mary had never travelled that far
South into the USA.
It was a new experience for us all.

As we approached the city
we had a view of the Space Needle ~
the icon of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair.

Our first stop was not this landmark,
but rather, the underground.

Apparently, the city was originally built on
unstable ground and after a devastating fire,
was rebuilt using retaining walls and pilings
driven deep into the mud to find solid ground.

While the rebuilding took place,
life continued on in the city.
Although they knew that the ground floor
of the new buildings would eventually be covered up,
they conducted business as usual.

Once all the retaining walls were in place
the second storey became ground level,
and the first storey went underground.

In order to light the passageways below,
*skylights* were installed.

This is the view from underneath the sidewalk
where the glass is embedded in the cement.
Unfortunately, I don't have a photo
of this from above.

Every so often, we would emerge
at street level and then descend
another flight of stairs to get to
the next portion of the underground.

Toward the end of our tour,
we were shown this *water pipe* ~
It was hewn out of wood!
Imagine the troubles that would cause!

The second purpose of our trip
was to go up the Space Needle.

The observation level is over 500 feet above the city
and provides a spectacular 360 degree view.
We all enjoyed it very much!

Calvin was shooting helicopters and airplanes ~
Of course! :)

The required *group shot* was taken ~
L to R: Calvin, Austin, Fraser, Auntie Mary,
Emma, Camille and Howie.

The view from above the city.

A glorious sunset on the long drive home.

We said our goodbyes to Auntie Mary
the following afternoon at the airport.
We all miss her very much!
But, we are so thankful for
the special times we were able to share together.
God is so gracious with us, isn't HE?

I am taking a little blogging break until next week.
If any of you should choose to leave a comment
(I do *love* to hear from you!) ~
I will plan to publish them when I am back
*in the loop*.

Many blessings to you each one!
In HIS Love,


Wanting What I Have said...

What a wonderful time together! I did not know all that about Seattle. How Interesting! So thankful and happy for you that y'all had that precious time!

Lady Farmer said...

What a fun trip, Camille, and a delightful way to share time together with loved ones!
It has been *ages* since I went up in the Space Needle! And many years since I have taken the *underground tour* of Seattle. Not sure I could enjoy the Needle since I have a fear of heights, but what spectacular views!
One day, we *locals* should plan a day to meet and do lunch. Wouldn't that be grand?!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

How fun that you were able to spend some time with your aunt.

We were just in this area, although we decided not to actually go into Seattle. I'm so glad you posted pics of the Underground. I've always wanted to visit that, especially since I was a tour guide for the Pendleton Underground Tours while in college. Wow, a wooden pipe? Crazy! Would love to take the kids to the Space Needle, too. They have a folk dancing festival right under the Space Needle every Memorial Day weekend. We went long ago before kids, but when they get older we plan to take them. It was so much fun!

Unknown said...

~Camille~ What a fun field trip! Seattle's "underground" is *very* interesting, but I must admit, a little "creepy" looking! I think you guys were brave! : ) Enjoy your break this week!

Unknown said...

Wow! That underground part was really interesting. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Farmgirl said...

thanks for posting about your 'ups' and 'downs' - looks like a great family time!

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Spectacular views! Very interesting site you visited underground. Thanks for sharing it...it was very fascinating!

It looks like it was cold in Seatle. When does it warm up near you? I know you are north of there.

Hope you are enjoying your blogging break. We do miss you!

I pray our Lord is blessing you greatly this week!


Rhonda Schrock said...

How fun! You had a lovely day for such exploration and adventure. It sounds like the whole family had a great time. Golden memories, for sure!

Linda Stubbs said...

Oh how fun to read your post. I am 59.......can't believe it. My brain isn't hahaa, anyway when I read your post it reminded me of the first time I ever left Alaska to go to the lower 48. We flew in a jet airplane to Seattle, my first time to leave Alaska, to the Worlds Fair. I got to go up in the Space Needle. Wow did you bring some memories, looking at the pictures took me back. 50 years ago????? Eccck!!!! That doesn't even seem possible......I am not that old am I? I can not lie......it is a sin. So I won't. Thanks for the smiles! Your family is beautiful.

Blessings, Linda

Farming On Faith said...

Oh how fun~ blow my Boston a kiss fro me!
Have a great weekend~

Craig said...

Camille, I read this, and my mind immediately goes to the metaphor of your day – traveling under the street to the underground areas – darker – but important – with a little bit of light shining through the grate. Then to the top of the city almost among the clouds. Different views – same city – I could spend a week on this metaphor. It was a blessing to read. Thank you – and God bless you and each and every one of yours this day.

Unknown said...

wow camille..what a great time .. i would of just loved that.. loved the pictures.. it is a great reminder to us,,that even though life has changed so much for us,,we should never forget where we started,,and our children should see it tooo Great post.. God bless..

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ What a blessing it was to have had Auntie Mary with us for a visit! God truly is Good! :)

Dear Raeann ~ Oh I would *love* to plan a day out for us *locals*...YES!! Let's do it! :)

Dear Jackie ~ How fun that you were just in that area too...we must meet up next time! :)

Dear Susan ~ Yes, it was a bit *creepy*...really, it was! But, very, very interesting. :)

Dear Jenn ~ It was something we had never done before, and we are glad we did it. The children enjoyed it as well, but I think the highlight for them was the Space Needle. :)

Dear Heather ~ *Ups and Downs*...great post title my friend! :) We were blessed to have had that time together...God is so good to us, isn't HE?

Dear Christine ~ It's not a hot climate here in the Northwest...we often get *warmer* weather in mid-summer (last two weeks of July and first two of August)...otherwise it's quite moderate year-round. (Oh, and rainy...did I mention rainy? LOL!) :)

Dear Rhonda ~ Yes, indeed...*golden memories*...I like that! Isn't it funny how quickly an experience turns into a memory...life surely does FLY by!! :)

Dear Linda ~ As the saying goes *you are only as old as you feel* and I think you are very youthful in your approach to life. (And anyway, 59 is NOT old!) How interesting that you used to live in Alaska...I learned something new about you my friend...how fun! :)

Dear Carrie ~ I blew your Boston a kiss (really, I did!) :) Have a wonderful week!

Dear Craig ~ Yes, it was quite interesting to do both of those activities in the same day...lots of food for thought there! Thanks for entering into our joy. :)

Dear Karen ~ Isn't history fascinating?? I marvel at how a relatively short a time ago that underground was in use, and now it's in its current state...we ought to take stock of our lives before they are just a memory. Sobering, really, don't you think? Thanks for stopping by. :)

Many blessings,