August 22, 2014

Fifteen (after the fact)

Calvin and Fraser began their journey into the
on August 4th ~ it was Fraser's birthday.
Emma and I were in California.  Howie was flying.

So, we postponed the celebration until a week after the fact.
What's a week when you've lived as long as he has?
Nothing.  That's what.  ;-)

Birthdays are special around here.
The birthday boy or girl gets to choose the breakfast menu
as well as what's for dinner.
Lunch somehow factored into things somewhere along
the line before I put the kibosh on the deal.

Two dictated meals is my limit.

Lucky Charms were requested this year.  Dear me!
(Please don't's a tradition that cannot be broken.)

I made coconut cream pie for dessert ~ it's his request year after year.
I'm not sure what happened to Calvin's smile...I think he was talking.
Oh...there it is!  :)

Precious Fraser ~ We love you and thank the Lord for you!
How wonderful it was (and is!) that the Lord added you to our family.
Happy fifteenth (after the fact) birthday!

All our Love, Dad(dy?) and Mum(my?) XO
(The titles I attribute to us as parents is a difficult habit to break ~
it's my feeble attempt at keeping them young forever.
Just so you know, it's not working.)


Katy said...

Lovely!!! :) And Lucky Charms from time to time never hurt anyone! ;) Happy Birthday to Fraser! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fraser! Your children are all so beautiful. Your Emma is growing up so fast.

Hopes Handcrafts said...

Happy 15th Birthday! May you continue to grow strong in the Lord, Fraser. Blessings from Julia xo

Lisa said...

Oh, this is so sweet. Love all the smiling faces! And, 15 already!! Happy late birthday Fraser!! Getting to meet you all last year was such a treat for us!! Our birthday traditions are very similar, and Lucky Charms are one of our favorites! We love you guys :)

Camille said...

Dear Katy ~ Yaay for birthdays and special foods! Thank you for your birthday wishes for our boy. :)

Dear Nikki ~ Thank you for your sweet words my friend. I don't like the speed at which they grow. Not at all. I know you understand. :)

Dear Julia ~ How lovely your words are my friend...thank you! :)

Dear Lisa ~ I'm too old to enjoy Lucky Charms...LOL! But, meeting you and your sweet family was such a treat. :)

Much Love,

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Happy Birthday to Fraser!
Looks like you made his day with all that spoiling!
Well we 'made the day' of a Canadian the other day - his exact words. We are in Aldi and our boy turning 15 this year is wearing his Canadian football cap that his sister brought him back. There's a guy who works in there and it just so happens that this is the team he supports and he is from Saskatchewan! He has never seen anyone wearing one over here before and of course wants to know why he is wearing that cap. I think it made our son's day too as he could not wait to tell his sister when we arrived home. Thought you might like to share that story with Fraser. Just one year to more driving lessons and being driven everywhere again!

Melissa said...

How wonderful to celebrate together - even after the fact! I hope it was a wonderful day, full of reminder's of the Lord's goodness and grace.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Fraser! Our love to you, dear friend!!! Our Little Man is singing the birthday song as he sees the coconut cream pie. >!<
May the LORD bless you and guide you this year!
In His blessings,

Camille said...

Dear Ann ~ What a fun story that links back to us! :) We are looking forward to another visit with your girl next year. Hugs to you all.

Dear Melissa ~ The Lord is so very good to us, isn't He? Hugs to you! :)

Dear Sandy ~ sweet! We think he is one of the cutest little men we know. :)

With Love,