December 15, 2014

London and Wales ~ Part Seven

We had a total of two Sundays with our Auntie Mary
which meant that we were able to enjoy lovely visits with her church family.
It's amazing how that is ~ those you worship with
do become like family.  It's a wonderful thing!

Monday was our final full day together.

We opted to have an *easier* day and just do three things.  ;-)
We went to see the Acqueduct near Llangollen (pronounced fthlan-goff-thlen) ~
in which canal boats and canoes may be seen travelling along its waterways.
We went into the town itself and then, we circled around past 
a ruined Abbey on our homeward journey.

First stop, the Llangollen canal ~ see the canal boats parked?

Auntie Mary with me ~ have I mentioned we love her?

Calvin and Fraser with canal boats visible beneath them.

Yes, we walked across.  There are no railings on the other side of the waterway.
It is very high up ~ 127 feet above the river below.

Do I look a little uneasy?  Just a little.

The next two photos were taken on my previous trip to Wales in 2008.
We didn't get images like these on our family trip, so, I've included them here.

I remember thinking at the time that I was glad the children weren't with me.
It was (is) a little scary.  In the photo below you can see the buildings at the other end
of the walkway ~ that was the direction from which we had come!

In order to get this shot, I went down a little path just below
Auntie Mary in the photo above and looked up.  It's a magnificent structure.

This is the view from the centre of the aqueduct ~ the River Dee is below.

And, this is the view from a bridge within the village of Llangollen.

After we parked the car, we walked along the street and went in and out of shops.

Just ahead of us on the left you will notice a beige and green awning.

This is what was beneath that awning.

This photo is for Poppa ~ he spoke of these pork pies longingly.
I wish I could have brought one home for him.

So, we left Llangollen in time to view the Abbey before darkness set in.
We were there late enough in the day to warrant free admission.

It is amazing to think that this structure once had a roof and no grass underfoot.

Calvin was in his element.

Emma once again took photos of Calvin taking photos.

The shot above is Calvin's and the one below is Emma's.
They took these pictures at approximately the same time.

See me with Calvin and Auntie Mary in the distance?

Our three men inside the building which still has a roof on it ~ from two photos above.

The image below is one that Calvin captured from the same vantage point.
The next two shots were done using HDR imaging techniques.

Amazingly beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

Calvin had us stop so he could get a view shot on our way home.
We pulled over and he took a photo of us in our little car as well as the view.

See?  Howie is in the driver's seat, and I am seated directly behind him.

This is the view Calvin captured.

Almost done ~ only one more post to go.
With Love, Camille

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**Photos supplied by my two photographers ~
Calvin and Emma.  Thank you my loves.  xoxo


Stephanie said...

I am quite sad to hear there will be only one more post of your trip after this one - I have so enjoyed your photos and memories.

I found the canal to be very neat and interesting - how fun to take a canoe or kayak down it :)

Blessings to you, dear Camille! Hugs!

Debbie Harris said...

"Do you look a little uneasy" near the canal? I would say that since you all seem to be hugging the railing a bit, yes you are. :-) that would make you feel a little Whoosie in the stomach.
Beautiful pictures again. The remains of the castle were quite something.
I look forward to the last of these posts, and must say it will be disappointing to see it come to an end.
All things have to end, right?
Much love to you, Debbie

Maryann said...

Have I told you that I love the new look of your blog, well I do, it's lovely. Once again the photos are beautiful, your photographers do a wonderful job. (there are quite a few that would look beautiful framed) I 'm glad you all had such a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Your little photographers are just so talented. I love seeing the pictures from your trip!

Patty said...

So many amazing and beautiful things to see! I think you will have wonderful memories from this trip.

Anonymous said...

I have so enjoyed all these pictures and I am so sad to see them end. :( They are bautiful pictures for sure. Memories you will carry with you FOREVER!!!

Camille said...

Dear Stephanie ~ You are a sweetie to enter into our joy with us...thank you so much! Hugs to you. :)

Dear Debbie ~ was especially tricky when we came face to face with people walking across in the opposite direction. Who should take the water side?? ;-) Yes, all things do come to an end...except Heaven!! What a thought. :)

Dear Maryann ~ bless my heart...thank you for your sweet encouragement. And, yes, we hope to print some of the photos for sure. The children will be happy to know you think their work is frame-worthy. :)

Dear Anonymous ~ Thank you so much! :)

Dear Patty ~ The Lord is truly so very good to us...don't you think? Thank you for entering into our joy with us my friend. Hugs to you. :)

Dear Nikki ~ Aww.....thank you for your kind words my friend. You bless my heart. Hugs. :)

With love,