December 13, 2014

London and Wales ~ Part Six

The boys went adventuring on their own on one of our home days.
Calvin took his camera (of course) and this post is the result of that.
Emma wasn't with them, so, Fraser is the only human featured.
It gives a good feel for the area in which our Auntie Mary lives.

This is the view from the top of Auntie Mary's street.

One of the corners in the village.

There are many fields and farms in the surrounding area.

Many beautiful views may be seen from vantage points along the way.
Auntie Mary's village is very hilly.

Note the placement of the vehicle on the road ~ this is a two way street.

And, another two way lane ~ see the walls of brick on either side?
It really is tricky to navigate roads like these ~ just ask Howie.

This is just a foot case you were wondering.  :)

Imagine meeting an oncoming vehicle around this bend ~ it happens.
Oh, and the local people drive quickly.  It's a bit unnerving.

In Wales and England, farmer's fields are accessible to the public.
However, if I had been with these boys, I don't think I would have allowed this.
It made for some nice pictures, though.  Maybe it was for the best that I wasn't along.  :)

Fraser came home from this excursion filthy ~ now we know why.

Still more to come.  Thank you for bearing with me!
Many Hugs, Camille

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**Photos in this post by Calvin ~ Thank you my love.  xo


Junior said...

Wow such a beautiful area.

Stephanie said...

Those horses are quite magnificent! And the picture of your son laying in the field looks so nice and relaxing :)

There is so much beauty there! Hugs to you!

Debbie Harris said...

Each time I come to your post I feel as if I'm getting in the car with you all and taking along. :-)
Thank you for allowing us to see this beautiful place you and your family were blessed to visit.
You should not excuse yourself for sharing, we are loving it!!
Have a beautiful day!

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Lovely post, again. Boys with be adventurous for sure. Glad the horses were gentle. They are beautiful. Aw, the tiny roads! They can be scary but usually the country roads were ok, people let others go. I went all the way back to the beginning. I somehow went through the first one too quick and didn't see Howie sitting in the cockpit but I did this time. Good memories of England and Wales for you and me ....reliving my days 38 years ago this month!!!!Brings a bit of tears to my eyes as well. Good memories! Thanks, my friend!!!

Camille said...

Dear Junior ~ So lovely to *see* you back for a visit! Thank you for stopping by and for leaving a sweet comment behind. Hugs to you! :)

Dear Stephanie ~ Yes, I agree...magnificent and powerful!! It was crazy that they did that...I'm glad I only learned about it after it was done. And, relaxing? I suppose so, if it weren't for those big horses that might trample you...but, those apparently weren't the thoughts he was thinking at the time. ;-)

Dear Debbie ~ You bless my know that? Your words always make me smile. I am so glad you have enjoyed this series. Hugs to you. :)

Dear Becky ~ Yes, you are right...the people do tend to give turns in situations like that...but, it is tricky to get the hang of it. I'm glad you have been remembering you own trip from awhile back as you have visited here...what a blessing to my heart. Hugs to you! :)

With love,