December 4, 2014

To Let Y'all Know...

Just to let y'all know...

I'm not done with the London and Wales series.
(Maybe you wish I was...sorry if that's the case.
If you wait until January, you won't be subjected to it all.)
There are still a few (who am I kidding?) more photos to
sort through and stories to tell ~ like it or not, it's true.

But, I am only one person (surprised? ha!) and
I am immersed in a little (feels like a lot) more of this...

Same look ~ different day.
Catch up with you soon, I hope!  :)
Hugs, Camille


Debbie Harris said...

I'm loving your tour, Camille!
I am behind visiting and still need to look at your last post. I started to but got side tracked and never got back. :)
Enjoy the beautiful season that we are in and we will wait to see the remainder in Jan.
Have a blessed day.

Nadine said...

I, for one have really been enjoying your travel photos...keep them coming! :)

Love & Blessings,

Dianna said...

I always enjoy seeing pictures of you in your "work clothes" because I have some very similar. :) Hugs to you, Camille...and I shall look forward to more London and Wales pics and stories!

Maryann said...

At first I thought you were baking (that's how I usually look lol) then I realized you were doing some type of home improvement project...I have clothes just like those that I save for just such occasions.
Blessings to you!

Angela said...

So enjoying your stories of London and Wales. Looking forward to the rest of the story and the pictures.

Patty said...

I had to do a bit of catching up with your series today. Isn't it fascinating to see how different other parts of the world can be?!

Hope your projects are going well.

Unknown said...

Oh you look so cute in your paint clothes :) I'm so behind on visiting this space...the holidays always seem to be a little too crazy! Can't wait to check out all the posts and pictures from your trip!! Sending much love to all of you!!

1HappyWife said...

I am soooo enjoying going on vacation with you :), coffee in hand, while the snow is falling furiously outside my window.
So keep them covering and don't ever feel bad about too many pictures because you can never have too many :)!!! Love your new blog look, so springy and fresh.
Thinking of you today and praying for you, Friend. Your words are always such a blessing ... turning my thoughts to higher things, the most important things. I don't get much time to comment lately but I usually get to sneak in a moment of reading here and there (though Jeremiah has a pretty good reach with his arm ... he does NOT like me reading while feeding him! LOL).
I know a disconnected comment but that is how my brain works. Leftover pregnancy brain :).

Camille said...

Dear Debbie ~ are sweet to enter into our joy with us. Thank you for your kind words. Hugs to you! :)

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you for wanting to see the photos my friend! Hugs. :)

Dear Dianna ~ I am so glad you are enjoying the London/Wales posts. Thank you for stopping by! :)

Dear Maryann ~ Haha! I don't make as much of a mess baking as I do when I am painting. Those clothes have a little of each room on them. :)

Dear Angela ~ Thank you so much my friend. You bless my heart. :)

Dear Patty ~ It is very interesting to see other parts of the world...I agree. The Lord is so very good to us, isn't He? Hugs to you. :)

Dear Lisa ~ Love to you all as well. Many hugs all around. :)

Dear Joleena ~ How lovely it is that you stopped by!! Enjoy these precious days with your sweet newest little one...what a blessing he is to you all. Hugs. :)

With Love,