December 11, 2009

Favourite Picture Books

These books were written by a friend (who I've known most of my life) and they really are the BEST children's picture books ~ REALLY!! They are witty, interesting, engaging and have surprise endings...what more could you ask for?

They are lots of fun to read and read and read again...which is, of course, what you do with books like these. You will not be tempted to give them away like so many other children's books you might have acquired over the years...these are gems!

If there are little people on your list this Christmas I can tell you that they (and their parents) will not be disappointed to find these under the tree! Click on the titles of the books below to find out where you can purchase them.

"Storm is Coming!"

"What's That Awful Smell?"

If you are interested in learning a little more about my friend Heather ~ click here to get to her website.

**Heather did not put me up to fact...she doesn't know I've done it!
I am in no way reimbursed for this opinion ~ it is completely unsolicited.


Linda Stubbs said...

Not a problem. Love it!!

I am going to order these books for my little grandson.
Love you!!!!

Camille said...

Thanks Linda! I successfully copied it...I'll likely post later today.

Oh...I know you will love these books...they really are very fun to read!