December 16, 2009

A Rare Treat!

This was a first for our children ~ skating in the great outdoors! It is a rare thing for there to be enough outdoor ice to skate on...but it did happen in our area last week.

My husband dropped everything so that he could take the children and ENJOY! What a wonderful spot they found ~ and what great fun they had!


Christa said...

What wonderful memories your children will have of their father taking the time to share those special moments.
I pray you have a Merry Christmas my friend. I will not be posting very much this week so I wanted to check in and let you know I'm still alive.

Rest in Him this season,


Nadine said...

What fun! I am sure that many memories were made!


Camille said...

Dear Christa ~

Thanks so much for stopping by...I know it's a very busy time. I will pray that you will have wonderful family times as you remember our Saviour's birth. I will look forward to hearing from you after Christmas.

Dear Nadine ~

I'm glad you stopped by tonight...may the Lord bless you during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.

Blessings to you both!

Unknown said...

Looks like they had a lot of fun!

Gae said...

Dear Camille,
What fun . I have always wanted to do that with our children. Unfortunatelly it dose not snow here.


It's me ...Mavis said...

Oh my goodness... that is so cool... I wish we had something like that around here :)

Camille said...

Jenn ~ Did they ever...the only complaint was that they didn't have long...only about an hour! And now the ice is all gone. :)

Gae ~ Welcome ~ thanks for stopping by! I would imagine there are other beauties in the land you live in...but outdoor ice skating is a special treat...maybe you will visit one day during winter? :)

Mavis ~ It's a field not far from our house...maybe if you drive a bit you could find something similar. It's all melted now...


Wanting What I Have said...

That is so AWESOME!!!! I have NEVER done that! Looks like a wonderful time and what precious memories I'm certain they made!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ice skating brings back wonderful memories for me! Tho I was never very good at it, I could get around the pond w/o falling. We used to walk to the park nearly every evening after supper and skate till 9...then walk home. Frozen toes and fingers, but ever so much fun!

Sharon said...

Oh Camille,

It looks like such a fun time. What a sweetie your husband is for taking the kids. Like Christa said, they WILL cherish this memory forever :)

Thanks for making me smile :)


Camille said...

J ~ Oh...I hope it happens again this winter...I want to go!! :) You have the blessing of warmer weather...BUT...when you want to experience something a little different you can come here!

Cindy ~ I'm jealous...that sounds so lovely!! We are not blessed with frozen ponds very is a rare treat! I'm hoping it will happen again before spring so I can join in. :)

Sharon ~ I am ao thankful for my husband...he is a very involved Daddy...really a gift from God! Thanks for making ME smile! :)

Have a blessed day!