December 13, 2009


Continually counting HIS gifts and seeking to give thanks for ALL THINGS ~ joining in with the "Gratitude Community" this Monday. Feel free to join us...even in a private journal ~ You will not regret fact, you may become addicted!

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you."
I Thessalonians 5:18

45. Experiencing wonder...through the eyes of the children

46. Two hockey players...Austin and Calvin

47. Low key hockey league that doesn't put undue pressure on the's for fun, after all!

48. Budding Architect

49. Drafting board and supplies ~ gifts from God

50. Quiet reading hour!

51. A boy that asked with shining eyes if he could read!

52. Wonderful novels that stretch the imagination and expand the horizons...

53. Sisterly love...a sister to grow up with ~
Camille on the left and Janine on the right...vintage photo! :)

54. Christ came to bring lasting peace...eternal peace...such blessings!

55. Reminders of what they were...Summer 2002

56 - 59. Austin, Calvin, Fraser, and Emma

60. Evidence...

61. Sentimental decorations...

62. Memories...

63. Budding pianist

64. Blonde hair reflecting sunlight...

65. Another of my hockey players...Fraser!

Many Blessings, Camille


Farming On Faith said...

Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this post!

Angie said...

I love the evidence =)Thanks for sharing your list. Be Blessed, Angie in GA

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful list. Thank you for sharing :)

Jenny said...

What sweet hockey players. Beautiful pictures capturing your life.

Nadine said...

What wonderful blessings indeed!
Cute picture of them under the tree - I use to love doing that when I was little!


Camille said...

Carrie ~ Welcome "home"! I appreciate you...your comment encouraged me today...thanks! :)

Angie ~ Welcome to my blog! So nice to "meet" you...I'm glad you understood what I meant must have "littles" at your house too. :)

Christinnjon ~ Thanks for stopping by...welcome here! :) What a blessing to count our blessings...isn't it? I appreciated visiting you today too.

Jenny ~ Thanks for your encouraging words...we are all blessed aren't we...if we only will look! It was nice to "meet" you today ~ you are welcome anytime.

Nadine ~ LOL...I don't think I ever did that as a least I don't remember...they came up with that one themselves. I just had to take a picture! :)

May the Lord bless you each this week!

In His Love,

Heather said...

Great blessings and photos, Camille.
Any simple cookie recipes to share?

Abbi said...

Great list. I loved all the pictures!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You've got some handsome boys there! The girls are going to driving you crazy pretty soon, LOL!

Love your list!

Heather said...

Vanilla Bean Hot Chocolate is from Second Cup. My special once-in-a-blue-moon treat :)

Camille said...

Heather ~ Thanks for visiting...and I hope you like the Shortbread...super easy and YUMMY!! AND...oh does that hot chocolate ever sound good! :)

Abbi ~ Welcome...thanks for your sweet comment!

Jackie ~ We are hoping to avoid the girls for as long as possible! LOL!! Thankfully they are still's the heart that matters...may God have their hearts first and foremost!

May you each have a wonderful day!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

My sister and I used to lay under the tree and look at the ornaments and lights! What precious photos and memories!

It's me ...Mavis said...

Thanks for sharing :)

The Girl in the Pink Dress said...

Thank you for posting these- the first photo is my favorite. You see things so differently when you look through the eyes of a child. Have a blessed day!
The Girl in the Pink Dress

Camille said...

Cindy ~ Funny...I never thought to do memories for you to have. I think the children are making happy memories too...thanks for leaving a sweet comment. :)

Mavis ~ Thanks for stopping by! Oh...and thanks so much for the book...I picked it up looks wonderful! :)

The Girl in the Pink Dress ~ Welcome! You are right...we should look through their eyes more often. I find myself too grown up at times!!


Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing Camille! I love this post :)


Camille said...

Dear Sharon ~ You are very sweet...thanks for stopping by! What a busy time this is...enjoy your CHRISTmas!