April 26, 2010

The "Extras"

Giving thanks once again for the "ordinary"
and sometimes the "extraordinary".

This week I was pondering the question ~
What is it that we really need?
What does the Bible say?

I was teaching my two youngest from this passage of Scripture
and sought to apply the principles found within it.

The following verses also came to mind ~

"But godliness with contentment is great gain.
For we brought nothing into this world,
and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
And having food and raiment let us therewith be content."
I Timothy 6:6-8

It seems to me that ANYTHING over and
above the basic necessities are
"extra" and a blessing!

Countinuously numbering the blessings ~
these really are the "extras"!

401. Unexpected flowers from my Howie! :)

402. A little girl who is winning the battle with nailbiting.
The reward? ~ A touch of pink on her nails. :)

403. Old Betsy entered the next phase of her existence and "clicked over" 200,000 kms (approx. 125,000 miles) and continues to take us places!

404. Calvin's first pair of glasses and the exclamations of joy they brought ~
"WOW! Look how clear that is!"
As if he was seeing things for the first time...
awe and wonder! :)

405. A place to order glasses online
with relative ease and HUGE savings!

406. Mercy extended to me by my Loving Heavenly Father

407. Illness and trials to make me realize what it is that really matters

408. We still have both sets of parents ~ at this moment

409. Slowing down and taking notice

410. God's Wonderful provision for my failings

Many Blessings,


Nadine said...

Great blessings Camille - thank you for sharing!


Unknown said...

Beautiful, wonderful blessings!

Janine said...

LOVE the picture of Calvin and his new best friend!!! I remember getting my first pair of glasses and things were definitely seen through 'new' eyes!! ENJOY Calvin! You look great!

Wanting What I Have said...

Calvin looks so handsome! I am so happy for him to be able to see so clearly! I remember the day my sister got her first pair of glasses. She'd always drawn trees as balls...because she'd always seen them as balls! Hooray for Calvin!

It's always a blessing to my heart to read these posts on Mondays. Thank you for your example and encouragement! You are a precious blessing to me.

His bondservant said...


You are so right...how often we forget that EVERYTHING over the necessities are extra blessings. And our Lord is so gracious to constantly bless us in this way. Your son looks great in his glasses. From a family of seven...with only one of us at the moment without them...we kinda think glasses are special! Love all the blessings...especially the beautiful flowers from your husband! Have a Christ honoring day my friend!

In Him,

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I'm thankful that you are thankful for many things. I'm thankful I had a good visit with my mom in the nursing home, which I'm thankful as well. They take real good care of her there and I can sleep at night without worrying. I'm thankful for my blogging friends all around the world. I don't get too tired visiting them this way! :0) God bless~Becky

Cinnamon said...

What wonderful pictures of moments in your life~


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful list...my husband and I still have both sets of parents too. Mine are 87 & 88, don't know how much longer we will have them, but thankful for the time we do. Thanks for sharing, stopping by my blog and especially for the prayers.

Heather said...

Camille, I love this list. Your son looks great in glasses :) I had the same nailbiting problem my whole life and was literally healed of it about four years ago!
Have a wonderful day and keep that mercy in mind as you teach. I find myself heading back to guilt after the grace and forgiveness.

Love, Heather

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I loved every one of these blessings! I have a little girl who bites her nails as well.

Camille said...

Nadine ~ Thank YOU for visiting...it is a blessing to my heart! :)

Jenn ~ Thanks for your sweet words...they are encouraging to me! :)

Janine ~ I am always excited when you comment...lovely to "hear" from you here! ;-) I remember when you got your glasses too...it was a special day for you. Now "seeing" it through Calvin's eyes has shown me why! Thanks for the compliment...I told him and he was pleased. :)

J ~ Thanks for the compliments to Calvin...I will tell him you approve. ;-) May the LORD have his heart above all things! AND...you encourage me...thanks for your sweet words today!

Jackie ~ Wow...six of you have glasses? Calvin's the only one in our family of six (so far) that needs them...they are a novelty! :) AND...how blessed we all are when we think of what we really need...I am ashamed of the times I have complained!

Becky ~ I am thankful with you that your Mom is in a good place and you visit her! What a blessing to you both! AND yes, blogging friends are a blessing too! :)

Cinnamon ~ Thank you! I have enjoyed your "week in the life" posts...I am sure you will look back and be glad you did it! :)

Mary B ~ How precious that your parents are still living...cherish these days! I was praying for you yesterday and will seek to remember you today. The LORD is so good and wonderful and we can completely trust HIM with everything!!

Heather ~ Thanks for your kind words for Calvin! AND...oh those nails! What a blessing to be able to encourage her with something...it seems to be working! :) THANK YOU for the reminder to leave behind the guilt...isn't our God WONDERFUL?? Oh that we would radiate this to our children ~ how blessed we are to have these days with them!

Stacie ~ Thanks for your sweet words. Maybe the nailpolish will work for your little girl? I told her if I could cut her nails (ie: they were growing), then she could have nailpolish. I tried the yucky tasting stuff, but it didn't work and this idea came to me ~ it seems to be working! :)


Trisha said...

How right you are. We have so many daily "extras" to be thankful for. Your son looks handsome in his glasses, and I'm sure they've opened a whole new world for him. My oldest just got them last year and had no idea what he was missing. :) By the way, I'm looking forward to trying your tortilla recipe. Thanks for making them sound so easy.

Camille said...

Trisha ~ Thanks for your visit here tonight...and for your encouragement. Calvin is thrilled with his new glasses...what a blessing! I hope you like the tortillas...I am planning to make them again tomorrow ~ yum! :)