April 5, 2010


Thankfulness is contagious and very liberating! How wonderful to stop and think of HIS everyday provisions for us ~ blessings upon blessings! Joining with the Gratitude Community this week with my list of a few of the things HE has recently provided ~ oh how much longer the list could be!!

One thing we seem to ALWAYS need is new shoes!
We are an active family.

The boys play street hockey, we walk/jog at the beach frequently,
there are dog walks and the paper route to do.

Many miles get logged on the runners and they are ready for the garbage when the children are done with them! It has not been unusual for there to be HOLES in the soles (and other parts of the shoe) at the point of their dismissal from this home.
Runners cannot even be passed on from one child to the next ~
consequently, this is where much of our clothing budget goes.


Sunday shoes get passed on.
Sandals get passed on.
Boots get passed on.
But runners, well, they say a picture speaks a thousand words ~
so here are some pictures to explain...

Notice the tread (or lack thereof)?
These were only worn for four months!

The Lord provides.
How wonderful to see this in action!

Over the years HIS provision has come in a variety of forms ~
Second Hand stores.

Well, this past week it came via a sports store
South of the Border that we visited on our shoe-finding mission.

All the necessary sizes were available.
And all the shoes (above) were on sale ~


We were in and out of that store within about 30 minutes.
The LORD not only provided the shoes, but HE did it all in ONE store and in very little time! Time is money (or so the saying goes) and it felt wonderful that the time was well spent. When we got back to the van after our purchases, we prayed and thanked HIM from Whom all blessings flow.

356. Runners and more runners and the money to buy them with!

357. God's provisions the large and the "small"

358. That HE knows how much time we have and that time is precious,
so HE provides in a timely manner ~ never too late, always on time!

359. Knowing that if we don't find what we were looking for,
maybe we didn't need it after all!

360. Resting in the fact that HE knows BEST!

Want to know the reason for the numbering?
Click on this link.

Would you like to share how the Lord has recently provided for you?
It would be a blessing and an encouragement to hear ~
feel free to tell us in the comments! :)

Many Blessings,


Nadine said...

What wonderful blessings - God is so good to always provide for us!

We were recently blessed with a bag of new clothes for our son from someone in the church - such a blessing, as he is growing like a weed! :)


Unknown said...

what a neat story. I'm also amazed at how much running is done...here it's more like a slow crawl to the coffee maker :)

His bondservant said...

He certainly is our Jehovah Jirah! We are on a shoe search ourselves, so I totally understand how much these savings mean. This is the area where our clothes budgets feels the pinch as well. But, God continues to amaze me with His gracious provision for us year after year. It just reminds me of how the Israelites were walking in the wilderness...and even though they were there because of their rebellion...God did not even allow their shoes to wear out. What a great God He is!


Heather said...

I guess that's what it's like when the boys come first :) My girls are active but I have a notion that it's a little different at your house! Great gratitude choice.
Love the worn shoes photo.

love, Heather

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh, to be able to run again! Before the knee problems I used to run. Ran a couple of 5k's the 1st year I began running...5 years ago when I was nearly 52!!! Then ran 3 miles a day, 5 days a week. Miss it.
However, that being said...I am thankful to be able to walk at all! Even in the midst of so much going on here, there are still plenty of things to be thankful for.

Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ What a blessing that you were given those clothes...I have often marvelled at God's bountiful provisions!

Welcome JoAnn ~ So lovely to "meet" you! Too funny...you will be running soon enough I am sure! :)

Dear Jackie ~ Oh I have often thought of the Israelites and how God preserved their clothes and shoes for all that time...interesting isn't it? How wonderful to belong to the LORD and be cared for by HIM!! :)

Dear Heather ~ LOL! Well, I always said I needed 5 boys to mellow me out! God blessed us with only three and it has worked (some of the rough edges are gone) thankfully! But there is so much more work to be done...isn't God gracious with us though?? :)

Dear Cindy ~ I appreciate you! Your attitude throughout the challenges you face is a blessing to witness...it brings glory to God that you still remain thankful! Hang in there...may the Lord give you day by day all you need! :)



I was just turning on your music here and this post was just for me. As I prepare to leave to go UP to Jerusalem next Monday - I needed new shoes. God is making all things NEW - for He has told me so! He is my provided and I have been writing the very words you wrote here:

Blessing Upon Blessing

He has lavished me with His love, His care, His tenderness, and He is My Most Faithful One.

I am thankful more than words can say, more than voice can sing, nore than ears can hear, more than my mind can conceive.

Amen sister------There is no One like Our GOD! HE IS GOD!!!


Camille said...

Dear Stephanie ~ How blessed we are to belong to HIM!! AND HE is truly faithful every step of the way. Thanks for your encouragement today ~ have a wonderful day in HIM! :)


Wanting What I Have said...

I LOVE to read stories like this! I had a very similar experience. I had waited until the last minute to find a new dress to wear for our youngest daughter's baptism. I literally had nothing to wear. Only black...and due to time constraints, I'd waited until Friday afternoon and had family due to arrive in only a few hours. I prayed about where to go and went as the Spirit led. I circled the store once, praying, and found nothing. I prayed more, and circled again, and saw "it." The first size I tried was a perfect fit. I was gone and back home in less than 45 minutes. God's faithfulness was so obvious. He SO CARES for every little detail in our lives! ( And it was on sale and I paid far less than I'd anticipated!)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...


Camille said...

Dear J ~ It is so wonderful to see our precious LORD's Hand in all these things! HE is our loving Heavenly Father and takes such good care of us. Thanks for sharing your story J...these things serve to encourage others.

Have a lovely day!

Camille said...

Dear Jackie ~ Sorry, you were commenting when I was replying! :) Our God is WONDERFUL, isn't HE?


Jenny said...

Resting in the fact that He knows best.

Thank you for these words of wisdom tonight.

Camille said...

Dear Jenny ~ You are so right...HE does know best! How wonderful to rest in that thought! May the Lord bless you each day as you look to Him for ALL things.