April 14, 2010

Our Two Teenagers!

Calvin and Austin ~
Photos from the late 1990's

Our first two boys were born two years and six days apart.
Their due dates were two years and six days apart.
They were buddies from the very beginning.
Oh the fun memories we have of these two ~
they sure got up to some mischief!
On one occasion they emptied out the contents
of the fireplace in the basement of my hubby's parents home!


What a M.E.S.S.!!

What posessed them to do it??
My Dad and Mum-in-Love were very V.E.R.Y. gracious!! :)

Times have changed ~
the boys have become a bit more civilized! :)

Last week Austin turned 15 ~


And Now...

FYI ~ Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Dear Austin ~

You changed our status from "couple" to "family" and we couldn't have been more thrilled ~
how precious you are!
We pray that the LORD would lead you in TRUTH and give you wisdom as you become a young man.
Might HE be your focus and the ONE you turn to throughout life!
We love you with all our hearts and thank the LORD that HE put you in our family!

With our love,
Dad and Mum

This week Calvin turned 13 ~


And Now...

FYI ~ Flourless Chocolate Cake

Dear Calvin ~

What would our family be like if the LORD hadn't put you in it?
Oh how precious you are!
We pray that the LORD would be your sure foundation all throughout your life and that you would be steady in your walk with HIM.
Keep your eyes on the LORD and follow HIM and you will never be led astray.
We love you so very much!

With our love,
Daddy and Mummy


Lady Farmer said...

You have indeed been blessed with two handsome sons, Camille!(All of your children are, of course!)I think they have marvelous parents as well!
Happy Birthday to your boys and
Blessings to you!
(My birthday was last week, also! I think April is a great month!:~P)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

They grow up so quickly don't they? The late 1990s just seems like yesterday. My teen girls turn 13 and 16 this year and my first born Luke is 18 in July. Your son's name Austin reminds me of a young American man we rescued off the side of the road many years ago in NZ. I have always remembered his name - Austin, because the car he was driving that had broken down was an old Austin. My husband after fixing his car advised him, 'Austin don't ever buy an Austin again!

Linda Stubbs said...

Happy Birthday Boys, I remember when my boys were teenagers. Some of my favorite memories. Our sons used to sit on the end of our bed at night and we would all talk and talk and talk. Now it is the girls. I love it as a Momma!

Our middle son was reading Answers the other day to the youngest grandchild. How special is that?

Blessings sweet friend!

Camille said...

Dear Raeann ~ Thanks for your sweet comment! We are thankful for each child the LORD has entrusted us with...what a responsibility to raise them for HIM! April IS a wonderful month...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU! :)

Dear Ann ~ LOL...I'll have to tell Austin that story! :) Oh...I know what you mean about the 90's...they weren't that long ago! In fact, neither were the 80's! :)

Dear Linda ~ I am so glad you are enjoying the "Answers" in your home! Oh...and thanks for the reminder to enjoy THESE days...ALL the days pass by so quickly, don't they? I was in tears as I looked at the pictures of the boys and thinking about the fact that those days are NEVER coming back! Memories are bittersweet, aren't they? :)

With Love,

Simple Home said...

Happy belated birthday to your handsome sons. My oldest two are 17 months apart, and are college roommates now, and are about to graduate together. My older son has complained a little, his name is Ryan and my younger son is Randy. Because they call your name in alphabetical order, that means Randy will get his degree first :-)

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Amazing, isn't it!! My oldest three are going to be 23 (yikes!), 20 and 18! Does that make me old? No, just blessed!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What sweet letters to your sons. They are so lucky to have a mama like you.

Teresa said...


Happy Birthday to your boys from us! Your messages to them touched my heart. What a privilege to be a mama, huh?

Camille said...

Welcome Marcia! So lovely to "meet" you! :) Thanks for your sweet comment. How funny that your boys will graduate and the younger will get his degree first ~ interesting turn of events due to his name. Enjoy these precious days!

Dear Michelle ~ OLD?? LOL!! Not at all!! You are so right...blessed is indeed what you are! :)

Dear Jackie ~ What a sweet thing to say! There are days when I think they don't think so!! How wonderful that we can ask their forgiveness and begin fresh! God is so good!! :)

With Love,

Camille said...

Dear Teresa ~ So sorry...you left a comment at the same time I was writing the above! :) I agree, it is precious to be a mama!! God is truly wonderful to us isn't He?


Wanting What I Have said...

Happy Birthday boys!!!

Camille, you are a dear! Congratulations on an inspiring and encouraging testimony that points to God and His goodness! Seeing your boys radiant faces and reading your sweet words make me smile and they make my heart swell. I am so happy for your family!

Camille said...

Dear J ~ Thank you so much for once again bringing a smile to my face and encouraging my heart! OH...where would we be without the LORD?? I dread to think of it!! All's GRACE and we need HIM every hour!! Have a lovely week my friend!