May 4, 2011

Almond Flour Waffles

Here it promised!
Another recipe for Almond Flour.
We like these waffles even better than our old standby.
I've even served them to company!  They get rave reviews.

And they are quick to whip up at a moment's notice.
They cook MUCH more quickly than the *regular* type.
In my waffle maker, they are done in a minute and a half.

Better and better.

Makes you want to get your hands on some
Almond Flour now, doesn't it? :)

~ Almond Flour Waffles ~
As found in the book ~
"Breaking the Vicious Cycle"

1 cup Almond Flour
4 Eggs, beaten
2 Tbsp honey (preferrably raw and liquid)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1/4 tsp Sea Salt
1/4 tsp Baking Soda

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl with a wire whisk.

Preheat and grease your waffle iron.
(I use coconut oil to grease it ~ melt a little and use a brush to coat the iron)
Be will be sorry if you skip the greasing step ~
Ask me how I know! :)

Pour 3/4 to 1 cup of batter onto the
waffle iron and cook for about 90 seconds or until done.

I quadruple this recipe for our family of six.
The boys and Emma all have hearty appetites.
My waffle maker cooks four squares at a time
and one batch would make two of those four-squared waffles.
I hope that makes sense!

Feel free to ask questions if you have any.  Enjoy!
Many Blessings, Camille

**One thing to note ~ Almond Flour will go rancid if it's not stored properly.
Keep it in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer for long term storage.


Intentional Living Homestead said...

This sounds wonderful....I'm just trying to think how much I would have to make for our family of eight...any suggestions?

I ask because I usually go by the amount of flour...and that gives me an idea of the one cup of almond flour doesn't sound like much considering the appetite with my children. So what would you think?

Trisha said...

These look beautiful, Camille!

Lady Farmer said...

Thanks for sharing, Camille! They look divine!():~}

The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

Oh Camille...these look delicious!!! Did your personal photographer take these pictures? Yummy! Can I come over for breakfast one day? ;)

I forget if you have addressed this question...where do you buy almond flour? Health food store? Does it give a different taste than other flours (whole wheat pastry flour)?

Did I mention I would love to come over for breakfast sometime? ;)

Thanks for the recipe.


Camille said...

Dear Connie ~ I make 4x the recipe for our six healthy appetites...maybe begin with that amount and see? It's easy to whip up another batch if need be. I hope you enjoy them! Be sure to grease your waffle maker between each waffle (I use melted coconut oil). :)

Dear Trisha ~ Thank you my friend! When are you coming over to have some with us? :)

Dear Raeann ~ I *love* the little faces you make at the end of your comments...they are cute! Thank you for your kind are welcome to come to our table any time! :)

Dear Christine ~ The almond flour link is provided at the top of the on Almond Flour and it will take you to where I buy mine from. I buy it in the 25 lb bulk box (cheapest that way) and I freeze it. No, it is not like whole wheat flour. In fact, it is just finely ground almonds...and can be eaten raw! Soooo yummy. About the photography...if Calvin takes the shot I credit him, otherwise they are from my camera. Thank you for your encouraging words. are welcome anytime to join us! :)

Many blessings,

Sharon said...

Camille :)

These sound and look delicious! I love almonds and I think I will have to pick up some almond flour soon!

Have a blessed evening and the photos are always beautiful :)

Praying for you!


PippaDavies said...

Camille I am coming for some alternative baking lessons. I use kamut and spelt but this flour sounds way better for baking. Your cookbook sounds interesting as well. Good for you for sticking to your diet with such passion! Mothers love:)

Camille said...

Dear Sharon ~ Thank you for your prayers my friend...they mean so much! And yes, almond flour is not only good, it's good for you! Enjoy! :)

Dear Pippa ~ It is definitely different for cooking with...not possible to just sub it into a wheat/kamut/spelt recipe...but, it is good! You are welcome to come over sometime...I can share recipes if you are interested. I'm sure it would be a blessing to add almond flour into your routine. As for sticking to the diet...I know you would do the same for your children...they are worth it...right? :)

Many blessings,