May 13, 2011

Amazing Salmon ~ Quick and Easy!

Now this was yummy!
Easy to put together...
And perfect for a hot summer day!
(Is it hot where you are?)

What more could you ask for?

I didn't have fennel or dried cherries on hand.
So, I skipped the fennel and used
dried cranberries instead of the cherries.
The vinegar was my choice rather than the champagne,
and I pan-fried the fish in coconut oil.

One of the boys said he didn't have
much hope for it when he saw it.
But after tasting the salmon
said I could serve it to him anytime!
LOL! Is that a rave review, or what??

Click here to get to
the original recipe shared
by Miss Jen at Blessed Femina.



Sharon said...

Sounds and looks delicious Camille! Thanks for the link, we love salmon. Have a beautiful weekend in Jesus :)


Camille said...

Dear Sharon ~ I hope you like it! Soooo easy and sooo good. :) Have a lovely weekend in the LORD too my friend.