May 8, 2011

Just Breathe

Another week.
Another Monday.

How quickly the time passes.
How quickly life flies by.

And I am seeking,
in the midst of it all,
to just breathe and observe and enjoy
and take it all in.

These are the moments we have
been graciously given.
They come from the loving hand of
our Heavenly Father.
We are sustained by the Word of HIS power.

Numbering our thanks is one of
the ways in which we can give HIM praise.
And so, I continue to count...

1371. Leftovers...yaay!

1372. Emma's point-and-shoot camera
purchase...she saved and saved and saved ~
Another photographer in the family. :)

1373. Getting through the border
without paying duty many, many, many times.

1374. South of the border shopping ~
A Blessing!

1375. Nut Bars ~ I *so* enjoy them!
Almost makes up for the lack of chocolate. :)

1376. Friendly "hellos" and "good mornings"
on the beach walk ~ so many *regulars*

1377. Bunny on the beach ~ a rare sight.

1378. Thankful that the children
are all well enough to jog the 3 mile stretch

1379. Laughter

1380. The privilege to vote

1381. Emma did a big *clear out* of
her room...what a blessing!
(Thank you to Rebecca and Rebecca's Mum
for graciously receiving some of the
things she cleared out!)

1382. Tide out, windy, blue skies,
white puffy clouds for a morning
beach walk...oh how it clears the cobwebs! :)

1383. Cotton balls for my ears on a windy day

1384. Watching all four children jog together ~
when did Emma get big enough for that?!

It's easy to count.
It begins with noticing the *little* things.
Noticing the moments.
Entering into them and writing them down.
It's as simple as that.

My journal sits on my counter.

I list as events unfold.
Sometimes many all at once,
and other times in a trickle.

Would you like to begin?
Just grab a pen and a journal,
set them out on the counter,
and list out your blessings.
Find the joy in the moments ~
As they arrive.

Enjoy the journey!

Many Blessings,

**Photos in this post courtesy of Calvin ~
taken with his *old* point-and-shoot
about two months ago.


Wanting What I Have said...

What a treat to read another list of thanks! I can't believe Emma jogged three miles with the big guys!!! Wow! And hooray for saving for a camera!!!

Camille said...

Dear Jennifer ~ You are ALWAYS an encouragement...thank you for your sweet friendship! :)


Unknown said...

Yes! Beautiful post!

Camille said...

Thank you Jenn! :)


The Adventures of a Simple Life said...

You do amaze me in remembering to give thanks for all things...even cotton balls for the ears. You are so inspiring to me and many others.

I truly believe God is honored...

Camille said...

Dear Christine ~ You are a sweet encouragement to me...thank you! :)


Camille said...

Thank you Jenn! :)

Tami said...

Oh how I've missed you! Love your list and I can totally relate to the "clear outs"! So therapeutic, and even better when you get to pass things along!

Getting back into the groove slowly over here. So thankful for you and your encouragement.

Love from NEW MEXICO!

Camille said...

Dear Tami ~ I have missed you too! But, I am so happy for you to have work for your husband and a new home to settle into...may the LORD bless you in it all!! :)

Much Love,