May 30, 2011


Spring is here ~
(I think...LOL!)

If Spring means showers ~
then, it's here!

If Spring means cool days
and then warm ones
and never knowing what to wear ~
then, it's here!

If Spring means longer
days and shorter nights ~
then, it's here!

But, where is the SUN?
It's been teasing us.
We see it.
And then we don't.

How wonderful it is
that we can have SONshine
in our hearts even if
there is no SUNshine
in the sky!

The LORD is always good.
And HIS ways are always perfect.

It's Monday.
I continue to count.

1396. The smell of a spring shower

1397. How the beach is always changing

1398. How the *regulars* always
ask where the children are when I walk alone ~
they are running ahead

1399. Winning "31 Days to Clean"
and loving it!

1400. Dad's kindness to us over the years

1401. Getting a good start once again on this!

1402. A deal for a one night getaway for
my Sweetie and me!

1403. That Kristy is willing and able
to stay with the children

1404. Puppet shows! :)

1405. Watching Howie and Emma going up
the street hand in hand ~ Emma skipping along

1406. That the local pool is close by,
FREE, and open for the season

1407. That Howie took Emma there
*last minute* and *on the fly*
one afternoon to make up for all the long
hours of work he has been doing

1408. Working hands and smiling faces

1409. That the neighbours hire our boys for jobs like this!

1410. That they don't pay them too much...
hard work is good for growing boys. :)

My journal sits on my counter.

I list as events unfold.
Sometimes many all at once,
and other times in a trickle.

Would you like to begin?
Just grab a pen and a journal,
set them out on the counter,
and list out your blessings.
Find the joy in the moments ~
As they arrive.

Enjoy the journey!

Many Blessings,


Linda Stubbs said...

Hello sweet Camille,

Loved reading your have soooooo much to be thankful for.......what a wonderful testimony to your family.

Hoping to get into my garden today if the wind goes down a is at least going 35 miles right now. I am eating dust when I step out the door.

Hugs, Linda

Katina said...

What a lovely post Camille! Very encouraging!
I know I'm going to enjoy following your blog.

Have a great day!

Patty said...

Always good to count our blessings. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

Trying to send a comment again...hope this works.

Love the photos.

Have a blessed week...and BTW: more rain expected for the week....sigh!!

Camille said...

Dear Linda ~ I hope you got your calm time today to step into the garden without getting blown over! We rarely get wind here...but rain...that's another story! :) Hugs back to you my's lovely to hear from you!

Dear Katina ~ Welcome here! It's lovely that you stopped by! I'm so glad you were encouraged...maybe you will begin your own thankfulness journal?? :)

Dear Patty ~ Thank you! What a blessing it is to notice all the wonderful gifts from our Father's Hand...HE is so good to us, isn't HE? :)

Dear Connie ~ I'm sorry you had trouble commenting! I'm glad you got it to work! I know...rain, rain, rain...maybe this means we will have a HOT summer? :)

Many blessings,

Heather said...

Love your list today, Camille. We haven't seen the sun here until today! My husband, of course, was quite pleased because it finally brought out all the gardeners who've been waiting longingly :)
Winning 31 Days To Clean? Does that mean you're going along with the website and keeping up with it? Sounds great!

PippaDavies said...

Hi Camille,

When I see how big and strong our children grow in the admonition and love of Jesus Christ I am so thankful for all He does in our life, the big and small blessings! He changes the way we view our spring, our children, and the colours of the gardens as a result of all the rain. Praise God for continued blessings! Blessings and hugs Pippa

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Oh your husband must have been so excited to see the sun! I really feel for those of you who depend upon it for your living!! No, I have not been following along with the website...but, I have read (and have a copy printed out) of the e-book and do plan to *do* as she suggests. :)

Dear Pippa ~ Yes, rain or shine, we rejoice! How wonderful it is to rest in HIS unfailing love and provisions...what a blessing to belong to the LORD!! Have a lovely day. :)

Many blessings,

Dianna said...

I enjoyed your list, Camille. I especially like #1402!

Unknown said...

So happy to have Sonshine! Life would be so dull and dark without Him! Have a wonderful day!

Camille said...

Dear Dianna ~ Thank you so much my friend! :)

Dear Jenn ~ Oh how horrible it would be without HIM!! I couldn't agree more!

Many blessings,

Cinnamon said...

What a post filled with a grateful heart and such fun for everyone.

I agree, hard work for boys is wonderful!! They look like they are having fun.

How wonderful that you get a husband/wife overnighter. I love those times.

You are a blessing to me - did you know that? :-)


Camille said...

Dear Cinnamon ~ It's lovely that you stopped by...I know you have so much on your plate these days! The LORD is good to us all...what a blessing to belong to HIM! You are a blessing to me as well my friend. Have a wonderful day!

In HIS Love,

Unknown said...

Hey Friend.. great post and great pictures.. Hope you and your family had a great Memorial day weekend.. Talk to ya soon.. God Bless

Camille said...

Dear Karen ~ It's lovely to hear from you. We had a wonderful weekend...thank you! It looks as though you did too! How wonderful to have family times...what a blessing! :)

Many blessings,

Sharon said...

Hello sweet friend :)

I LOVE your thankfulness posts! There are so many wonderful blessing that we tend to overlook if we let life get in the way of the Son. Thanks so much for sharing your heart. I love that you and your honey will be able to get away, what a blessing for sure!

Have a blessed day in Jesus!

Sharon said...


Love the picture of Howie and Emma, so sweet!


Camille said...

Dear Sharon ~ How sweet YOU are! Thank you for always being such a wonderful encouragement my friend! I am thankful for YOU! :)

With Love,

Me said...

You are such a great writer! And what a wonderful idea. I hope I remember to start a blessings journal, but right now it is 3:30 am and I need to go to sleep! Good-night!

Camille said...

Welcome Catherine! It's been lovely to *meet* you. Thank you for your kind and encouraging compliments...and I should be sleeping! ;-)

Many blessings to you!