October 19, 2009


My three men with their "Mummy Salon" haircuts! No, I am not a hairdresser by trade, but have done lots of haircuts in my day. Unfortunately, I did have to learn by trial and error. In the early days it was quite an adventure and you might say a little "hit and miss". I even "scalped" Howie and he had to put eyeliner on the bald spot which I had created for a week! It's true! If I can do haircuts, anyone can.


Nadine said...

They look great! I have attempted to cut my son's hair, but he does not sit still for long with me, so it gets a little frustrating! It was much easier when he was little and we gave him a simple buzz cut!


Bethany LaShell said...

Lookin' good!I used to cut my hubby's hair - he sure hated it when I would say, "Oops."

Thanks for leaving such encouraging comments on my blog again! Please do refer people to my site :-). I started blogging in hopes that I could help other homeschool moms along their journeys. It blesses me to know that I have!

Have a great day1
~Bethany L.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! You look like a professional to me. I don't know how to do anything but high and tights on my hubby and a buzz cut with a guard on for Josiah.

Wanting What I Have said...

Great job! I cracked up when I read about the eye liner...wish I'd thought of that. When my husband and I were in college I "scalped" him in a spot...we wound up just shaving his head. Oh well...

Camille said...

Nadine ~ The buzz cut still works for my friend's boys...I think they always look great! Are you considering revisiting that style? :)

Bethany ~ Yup...my hubby's heard "oops" a few too many times too! Keep it up with your blog...I am sure it will bless many along the way!

Jackie ~ You are so sweet...I am definitely not a professional...and I always comfort myself with the fact that it will grow back...if I mess up. I just encourage myself with the fact that we are saving $$...I figure it has been thousands over the years! :)

J ~ LOL...the funny part was that I went in for one last swipe with the scissors at the END of the haircut and that's when disaster struck...sounds like that's your story too! I just burst out laughing and he knew he was in trouble! :) I guess we all have those stories to tell...just think of all the $$ we "do-it-yourself" wives have been saving!