October 27, 2009

Kids Devotional Books

All of these books have been a blessing to our family over the years. The boys have each used "A Faith to Grow On" for their own personal quiet times in days gone by. Pastor John MacArthur teaches the basic truths of God's Word faithfully in an easy to understand format...in "bite-sized" chunks. The book pictured above has a different cover than the one you will find at the link provided, but the content is the same.

The "Miller Family Series" of books incorporates Biblical truths into stories that each of our children have enjoyed. We have used these books as read-aloud supplements to the Word of God during quiet times. The Miller family is fictional and the stories are set in an Amish community.

"Leading Little Ones to God" has a more in depth and thorough handling of the Doctrines of Scripture. Do not be afraid to delve into these deeper truths with your children...they are very rich and necessary for their appreciation of the God we serve. This book has chapters that are usually only a couple of pages long; a very manageable amount for family devotional times. You will likely find that the ideas presented here will facilitate wonderful discussions with your children. Once again, the cover is different from the one you will find at the link, but the content largely remains the same.

Seek, with the Lord's help, to set aside time each day to have devotions with your children. We are, after all, to "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

**I have noticed that there are those that get reimbursed for their "reviews", which is just fine. But, I am not one of them...this (and all other recommendations that I have made) are completely unsolicited and represent my humbly submitted opinion**


Wanting What I Have said...

I'm so glad you shared these! We are always on the lookout for something new. :)

Camille said...

I'm sure you will be blessed...we have been!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing Camille. we don't have any children but as a Sunday School teacher I am always looking for tools to help the children .


Camille said...

Oh Sharon ~ If you are looking for ideas these are great tools for teaching. Also, depending on the ages of your Sunday School children, another book I previously recommended is "Little Pilgrim's Progress" by Helen Taylor...it is fabulous for generating discussion and a great "read aloud"! You will find the link to it under the Label "Books"...the post was called "More Recommended Books". It is faithfully based on the classic by Paul Bunyan and very wonderfully done...but with easier to understand language! We LOVE it...and our kids LOVE it!!


Camille said...

Sharon ~ Just checked...the post is called "More Books..." and if you click on the title you will get to the place you can order it from...HIGHLY recommended! :)


Heather said...

Hi Camille,
Thanks for stopping by my blog!
We're in the middle of reading the Miller series too! I'm thinking about making your pumpkin recipe.... mmmmm!


Camille said...

Welcome Heather!

I just recently found you through "holy experience" and have enjoyed visiting.

What an encouragement that you are reading some of these books already...so hard to find good kid's books these days...but they are out there!

Please do try the pumpkin recipe...everyone that has ever had it (and there have been many) really likes it. Don't let how it looks fool you...it is SO yummy (and easy to do)!!