February 9, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay

The Torch for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics came through our city today ~ at 6:30 AM! We rose early to take it all in. Unfortunately, one of our children missed it ~ he chose to sleep instead. I must say, I was tempted to do the same thing ~ but all our younger children were very eager and had no trouble with getting out the door at that hour. Fraser even found the time to put temporary tatoos on his cheeks! :)


Wanting What I Have said...

That is SO COOL! I'll never forget being in Colorado one summer and getting to see the torch pass by. My family was there for a work related event for my dad and hadn't even realized we'd have that opportunity. We gathered around an outdoor fire pit and waited anxiously...I bet your children will always remember this! I'm glad you got up and made it! :)

Nadine said...

What a neat experience for your family!


Sharon said...

How exciting Camille!!! I would love that :) I like Fraser's tattoos :)

Have a blessed day in Him!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So cool that you took your kids to see that!

Also, loved the last post with your kids playing games. I think games are awesomely educational.


Camille said...

J ~ It was early, but a great experience for them...they were glad to have done it! How fun you got to see the torch pass by you when you were a kid ~ what a great memory. :)

Nadine ~ Hopefully we will skip the crowds for the rest of the two weeks that the Olympics are here. The kids really are excited to think they are near the action. :)

Sharon ~ LOL! Fraser was too funny...he must have whipped those on in a minute or less...he doesn't usually work so fast! :)

Jackie ~ Oh I agree with you...games can be very educational and fun at the same time. And boy, was it hard to do the torch thing...SOOOO early! BUT ~ we got lots done today...bonus! :)


Lady Farmer said...

How fun, Camille! This is the kind of thing your children will remember when they get older! Our family is all about traditions and doing fun things together that make memories! Though grown and with families of their own, my girls still want to keep up the traditions we have made and introduce them to their children!
Getting up early was worth it, I'm sure, and besides ~ you can sleep in a little later tomorrow! ;~D

Renee said...

I would have woken up! And trust me, it is HARD to wake me up for any reason =p I wish they'd run through our town. :) I hope to go to the Olympics someday... as a spectator of course ;) hee hee

Camille said...

Lady Farmer ~ How wonderful that your girls still want to keep up with family traditions...so special!! We are glad we did it, and yes, we got up a little later today. :)

Renee ~ Oh, definitely as a spectator...I'm with you on that one! :)


Abbi said...

WHat fun! We are looking forward to watching some of the Olympics.

Camille said...

Hi Abbi ~ We are too! Even though we live in the outskirts of the host city, we have opted out of actually going to any of the events. We figured we'd have front row seats without all the crowds that way! :)


Lois in Texas said...

It would be great to be a Canadian now! That would be neat to live in the host city. I prefer the winter Olympics anyway. Are they really hauling in snow?

I love Canada! My husband and I spent our honeymoon at the Olde England Inn in Victoria. Beautiful place, eh?

Camille said...

Hi Lois ~ The winter olympics are truly fun...and it is exciting to live in the host city. :) Unfortunately, we have had a very mild winter and, as I understand it, they really are transporting snow from one location in BC to another! Too crazy!! Apparently, there are also ways to create snow, so it will all be under control ~ just a little more costly than if it had happened naturally.

Victoria is very pretty ~ we love to visit the Island when we get the chance.


It's me ...Mavis said...

What fun... and everybody is dressed too! 6:30 in the morning and no PJ's... now that's impressive :) What a neat thing for the kids to experience!

Camille said...

Mavis ~ Oh. Dear. Me. If I was still the one dressing the kids I'm sure they would have been in PJ's! But, they were motivated and made it out the door in record time! :)

Have a great day!

Heather said...

Oh! I wondered if you'd be there!
I was thinking about you on our vacation as we watched some of the events :)

Camille said...

Hi Heather ~ How wonderful that you got to take a vacation! Yes, we saw the flame go through our little town...but was it ever EARLY!! Today we went downtown and took in some of the Olympic "free" stuff. :)