February 17, 2010

Sweet Treat

A wonderful package came in the mail yesterday from a sweet friend. Do you see what it is? Homemade marshmallows! There were TWO containers FULL of these yummy treats. I had never tasted homemade marshmallows...but now they are on my "must try to make" list.

Oh. Dear. Me.

Fun Times were had at our house!

A special thank you goes out to my friend who must remain anonymous for obvious reasons! :)


You Can Call Me Jane said...

Yum! We made these last winter and I was surprised as to how good they are. I'm not a huge fan of marshmallows, but homemade ones are so very good. We used them in hot chocolate- divine!

Nadine said...

Oh My! Those look so good! I have never had homemade marshmallows, but have heard they are very good. Enjoy them!


Farming On Faith said...

Yes~I have a friend that makes them too. I have never tried them yet. I keep meaning to!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

They are also on my "must try" list, just haven't dove in yet! But why must her identity be kept secret?

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I've never heard of homemade marshmellows but I'm sure it can be done.

I got our first issue of Answers to Genesis magazine on Tues. Thanks again, my friend!!

Wanting What I Have said...


It's me ...Mavis said...

I've always wanted to try and make homemade marshmallows... what a great friend you have :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Wow! I don't even know what marshmellows are made of!

Camille said...

Thy Hand ~ Oh yes...YUMMY!! Oh...hot chocolate ~ they would be soooo good in that! Too bad they are all gone! :)

Nadine ~ They are (were) too good...and went very quickly. You would love them I am sure.

Carrie ~ Oh do give them a try. I am planning to! :)

Cindy ~ She is a blogging friend and I would not want mutual friends feeling badly that they weren't sent any! I hope that makes sense. :)

Becky ~ They are so much better than the ones that come from a bag...yummy! I am glad you got your magazine...enjoy! :)

J ~ Oh yes ~ accurate assessment! :)

Mavis ~ Maybe I will get permission to post the recipe here. I agree...she is a sweet friend! :)

Stacie ~ Apparently they are a little fussy to make...but worth the effort! :)