February 15, 2010

The Thousand Gifts

Monday arrives and the documentation of "The Thousand Gifts" continues ~ will you join in? It has been a blessing to my heart to participate in such a venture ~ finding joy in the seemingly small and insignificant. God is so great and gracious and gives and gives and gives again!

You will find the reason behind the numbering within the first post of this series ~ feel free to begin your own journey of thanks...it would be lovely if you would choose to join us!

"I will bless the Lord at all times:
His praise shall continually be in my mouth."
Psalm 34:1

267. Peaceful homeschool moments...

268. Oldest child teaching youngest child...

269. Work getting done

270. And a room in which to accomplish much! :)

271. Artistic son ~ entertainment for the youngest after a math lesson! :)

272. Daddy and smallest son engaged in impromptu prayer
273. Down filled comforter on a cold night
274. Drying racks to air out hockey equipment ~ *knowing wink*
275. Friends ~ new and old
276. Walking partner ~ Esther :)
277. A hard floor under the table instead of the carpet that used to be there
278. A teenager who loves to listen to Classical Violin CD's on the stereo
279. Sunshine after months without
280. The chatter of children
281. Amazing children's resources ~ God graciously provides and leads!

Many Blessings,


Faded Plains said...

I love that your thankful for so many small things...sometimes it's those small things that mean the most.

Unknown said...

Another wonderful list full of thankfulness!

Camille said...

Andrea ~ Welcome! So nice that you left a sweet comment...I do appreciate it! YES...a resounding YES ~ it is really the SMALL things that matter...the insignificant that make LIFE! :)

Jenn ~ Thanks for your encouragement...it made me smile.


Anonymous said...

oh,I am so glad I found your blog ;) It really is lovely! May God bless you and I will see if I can't track down those books for my son!

Camille said...

Mrs. A ~ Welcome! It's lovely to "meet" you! I hope your boy enjoys those books as much as mine does. :)


Mouse and Magoo said...

Wonderful picture of Minnie Mouse!