July 10, 2011

Day After Day

Time flies.  That's not a surprise, is it?
It's like this for all of us.
Seize the day!  Enjoy the moments!

One of the ways I seek to do this is by counting.
Numbering the blessings.
Treasuring up the moments.  Day after day.
By HIS grace.  For HIS glory.

They are all gifts from HIS hand.

1432. Evidence of children in our home

1433. Stocking up

1434. My custom-made budget in excel...
Howie created it for me years ago and I *love* it!

1435. Licorice Mint Tea

1436. Random games of Uno

1437. A quick trip to the pool for the two youngest...
free swimming and all done in less than an hour

1438. Swimming lessons for Fraser and Emma

1439. That the pool is just around the corner and we can walk

1440. Chocolate!

1441. Getting the hang of this diet

1442. That it's helping

1443. Teaching boy #3 how to make grilled cheese sandwiches

1444. That tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it yet!

1445. That the LORD always forgives and meets us in our need
and gives us grace and mercy.

1446. Warm sun...it's been teasing us!

1447. "Bonus Time" available to use...thank you S and L!

1448. Pineapples from my Dad ~ Thank you Dad! :)

1449. A phone chat with my sister

1450. Listening to Fraser play "The Pink Panther" on the piano

1451. Flowers from Calvin..."just because"...so sweet! :)

1452. Listening to
Diana Waring's History CD'sW.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.

1453. Learning with the children

1454. Marvelling at God's hand in history
and how it all comes *alive* when taught from
a Biblical standpoint

1455. Frozen meals prepared in advance and
using them when they are most needed

1456. School's Done

1457. Completing another year of homeschool

1458. The change of pace summer brings

My journal sits on my counter.

I list as events unfold. Sometimes many all at once,
and other times in a trickle.  Would you like to begin?
Just grab a pen and a journal, set them out on the counter,
and list out your blessings.
Find the joy in the moments ~ as they arrive.

Enjoy the journey!
Many Blessings, Camille


Nadine said...

A wonderful list Camille...love the chocolate! :)
We used Diana Waring's books & tapes for history before...she lives in our town! :)
Hope we have some more beautiful weather this week. Take Care!


Wanting What I Have said...

Loving #s 1445 and 1446!!!

Patty said...

Lots to be grateful for. Have a great day.

Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ How fun that Dianna Waring lives near to you! I knew that she was near Seattle...small world. :) And yippee, yahoo for chocolate!! It seems we will have to wait another week for more nice weather...at least that is what they are saying for Vancouver. :(

Dear Jennifer ~ How WONDERFUL our LORD is!! :)

Dear Patty ~ Yes, there surely is! Have a wonderful day too! :)

Many blessings,

Teresa said...


I had to laugh! Playing the Pink Panther theme on the piano--such a fun song that I also enjoyed playing many years ago. And Diana Waring's history tapes--just listened to one today:) I think we have similar tastes.

The baked oatmeal looks yummy too! I'll have to try it.

Enjoy your summer!

Sharon said...


As always I LOVE reading your blessings and thanksgiving. If reading another's blessings brings such joy to us, imagine how much joy it brings our Father :)

Thanks for sharing!
Love in Him,

Camille said...

Dear Teresa ~ Interesting that we do seem to have the same tastes...right down to Steve Green's song. May the LORD bless you with a relaxing and enjoyable summer too...thank you for stopping by. :)

Dear Sharon ~ You encourage me my friend! I was just thinking today that maybe I should move on from doing these posts..."maybe it has worn a bit thin", were my thoughts...how sweet of you to like reading my list. :)

Many blessings to you both!
In HIS Love,

Jayne said...

I detect an 'Anne' quote in there. But oh so true that tomorrow is always a new day with no mistakes yet...a wonderful reminder that God's mercies are new every morning and His faithfulness great.

Camille said...

Dear Jayne ~ How lovely that you left me a note here...thank you! :) Yes, indeed...God's mercies are new every morning and HIS faithfulness is great! How blessed we are to belong to HIM.

Love to you!