July 25, 2010

At Last...

The camping laundry is done!
It *only* took a few days (5 to be exact) to be able to say that!
And only TWO went camping!
When boys camp without Mum around to check up on the
"clean feet" situation BEFORE going to bed,
or on the "clean anything" for that matter,
the wisest thing (in my experience) to do is ~


So in the back door came the boys.
And the STUFF!

I got them to strip down and shower

Was to enter the home that night
beyond the laundry room doors!
Except, of course...THE BOYS! :)

In the photo above, you can see the last of the laundry.
What may not be readily apparent is the nature of that laundry.
It is somewhat CONTRADICTORY.
Upon closer examination, however,
you will discover a little something "special" about us.

We live in a border town.
We cross the line usually once a week.
Gasoline is cheaper.
Chickens (to cook) are cheaper.
Butter and eggs are cheaper.
Our Fraser thinks we must be "part" American!

During the recent Winter Olympic Games held here in Vancouver,
my brother drove some of the USA Olympic Committee around town.
He acquired some cool souveniers from that experience.
Each of the children were given an "official" athlete's blanket
and Howie received a gorgeous winter jacket.

Of course, we are Canadian, so we have to support "our" team too!
In this photo, you will see a sampling of the winter hats
the CANADIAN athletes wore.
We also have the "official" gloves.
We ARE patriotic, but if it's free,
well ~ I suppose you get the point! :)

671. Winter Olympics memorabilia ~ from TWO countries!

672. A brother who is generous and thoughtful

673. Living in a border town

674. The blessings of cross border shopping

675. Nexus ~ pre-approved border "fast pass"

~ it's up high and doesn't interfere with the yard

677. The smell of freshly laundered sleeping bags and pillows

678. The ability to clean said sleeping bags and pillows at home!
~ We have a tumble washer

679. The smell of freshly showered boys! :)

680. That the boys got home safe and sound!
I'm glad I wasn't aware of some of the things that *could* have gone wrong!

Many Blessings,


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Glad your boys had fun camping...FIVE days to get it clean? They must have been really dirty...but you're a good mom, so I"m confident it all turned out okay :) :) :) Yeah, I noticed the USA and Canada things hanging on your line and I was laughing about that, then I read your post and laughed more. You're right about the free stuff. If I was visiting Canada and someone gave me free Canada stuff, I'd take it :) :)
Your country did give us L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green GAbles, Road to Avonlea and Stoned Wheat Thin Crackers!!! :) :)
OK, I know this is off-topic...but I learned a really neat Fair Isle knitting technique from Anne and Eugene Bourgeois's knitting book. They own a knitting company called Philosopher's Woold in Canada. It's over on the eastern part of the country somewhere...
Anyway, glad you are thankful for so many things :) :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather

p.s. I'd love to visit Canada someday and travel all over and see what there is to see.

Unknown said...

Camille.. i can feel your pain, speaking of laundry.. when my son wrecked his bike.. he was covered in gasoline.. so his clothes and shoes smelt like gas, and it made the whole spare bedroom, where he stays when he comes to visit, smell like gas.. I finally finished my laundry and have had to wash this things twice so far to remove the smell

but like you.. it just good to have them home.. no matter how much laundry we have to do.
Have a great week..and i will talk to ya again real soon

Jill said...

That is so great you got those tokens from the Olympics! How exciting! We watched it every night here. And laundry...do we ever really catch up on that? LOL We just came back from a weekend away, so that's part of my to do list tomorrow! LOL Have a great day!
Blessings, Jill

Dianna said...

"#680...That the boys made it home safe and sound" SO glad they are, Camille.

And I really like your new blog look! Love those daisies!

Christa said...

Hi Camille,
I know what you mean about the camping laundry. When our whole family went camping, everything went in the wash.
I hope you're having a wonderful summer up there in Canada. Here in Tennessee, it's been unusually hot and humid and I'm looking forward to the Fall season.
Enjoy the rest of the Lord's day.



Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Oh YES!! Come visit Canada...there is SO much to see!! I expecially *love* BC and all the natural beauty that God created here. We took our children on a cross-province trip last spring (2009) and it was SO amazing to observe all the magnificent mountains up close.

Dear Karen ~ I am *SO* glad your son is just a bit broken and bruised and still with you!! So sorry for the experience he had though! Gasoline is dreadful to try and clean out of clothes...I think I would have done away with them and started fresh!

Dear Jill ~ Oh yes...the never ending laundry pile! LOL! I have actually gotten to the bottom of it a few times in my mothering career, but it doesn't take any time at all for it to begin to gather again! :)

Dear Dianna ~ Thanks for your sweet compliments! My blog has always looked this way, how did it look to you??

Dear Christa ~ SO lovely to hear from you my friend! I am sorry you have been having such a hot and humid summer...I don't do well with that kind of heat either! Have you tried running through the sprinkler? I think I would be tempted! :)

Blessings to you each one!
In Him,

Nadine said...

My grandparents use to live right on the US/Canadian border in Lynden, WA. They lived on a farm on the US side and across the road and ditch was Canada. I use to love staying up at their farm during the summertime...haying, the fair, and fun!


Camille said...

Oh Nadine...I *love* Lynden!! It is *so* pretty!! What wonderful memories it sounds like you have of your grandparent's farm!

Have a wonderful day!