July 26, 2010

Birthday Blessings

I don't count anymore.
I am THAT old ~ *wink*
I just C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E.

And it keeps getting better and better.

The only thing(s) missing from my day
this year were boys #1 and #2.
Austin and Calvin were at camp.
Howie had a business meeting on the Island
scheduled for "my" day.  I invited myself along.

How FUN!

Fraser and Emma joined in

to make an *almost* perfect birthday.
If Austin and Calvin had been with us,
the day would have truly been

But God in His providence gives

How precious it is to
REST in that FACT!

Here are some of my treasures enjoying the beautiful day

and scenery on the outside deck of one of B.C.'s ferries.

We go through "Active Pass" on the way to Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island.
You see MANY smaller islands along the way!

Seagulls flying alongside the ferry.

Passing another LARGE ferry in Active Pass.
It has a Vancouver 2010 mural on its side.

The children and I explored while Daddy had a meeting in Victoria.
There are MANY things to see within walking distance in the downtown area.
The Parliament Buildings are in the background here.
This is where our Provincial government meets.

Inside the Parliament Buildings there are many ornate and beautiful things to see.
The dome is shown below from the inside looking up,
first from the lower level and then from the
highest level you can go (as a tourist).

This is taken from inside the Main Entrance looking out towards the bay.

The Empress ~ A famous historical hotel in Victoria,
was the next building we did a bit of exploring in!

They even have a sitting area in the ladies public washroom
inside the Empress ~ complete with a fireplace!

The lovely sitting area behind the children here
is where afternoon tea is served for about $50 per person!
Needless to say, we did not eat there! :)

Looking out one of the ivy lined windows toward the bay.

Ahhh, FINALLY, a park to play in!
Apparently, this was the HIGHLIGHT of the day for Fraser and Emma!

We travelled back toward the Parliament Buildings (they are HUGE)
from another angle and enjoyed the water fountain.
I enjoyed photographing these two all day long...it isn't obvious, is it? ;-)

And then we discovered a place to J.U.M.P.

And so as not to be O.U.T.D.O.N.E.
Emma joined in! :)

Here we are heading back to meet up with Daddy
where his meeting was nearly done.

On the ferry ride back home Howie treated us to the
Buffet Dinner ~ which was a WONDERFUL treat!

The Birthday display Howie set up for me while I was away from the table...
complete with CANDLES! :)  ~ Thank you Sweetie! ~

The food was fabulous and the views
The snow-capped mountain you may (or may not) see at
the left hand side of the photo below
is Mt. Baker ~ Isn't God's Creation MAGNIFICENT?

Many Blessings,


Nadine said...


It looks like you had a wonderful time! It has been ages since I have been to Victoria...so beautiful!


You Can Call Me Jane said...

What a lovely day. Happy Birthday to you!!

Jill said...

Stunning pictures! Looks like a great day! Happy Birthday. :-)
Many Blessings, Jill

Lady Farmer said...

Oh Camille!
Looks like you did, indeed, have a very happy Birthday! You went to one of my very favorite places ~ Victoria, B.C.! I've taken the Black Ball ferry many times for a visit! My youngest daughter was in Girl Scouts for several years, her leader was one of my very best friends and I the assistant leader. We took the troop to Victoria a few times (and I have been many times with children and hubby, too) to visit Buchart Gardens, the Royal Museum, and Anne Hathaway House, etc. Gentleman Farmer and I plan to go there sometime in the next few weeks for a little getaway!
How sweet of your dear hubby to treat you to an 'almost perfect' day with him to this beautiful place.
Belated Birthday Wishes!

Christa said...

Happy Birthday Camille! The piece of chocolate cake looks so delicious. Did I ever tell you I LOVE chocolate?
BTW, it's my daughter's birthday today as well. My baby is 20 years old! Oh dear. That means I'm... getting up there. :0)
Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating.


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Happy Birthday Camille!
And I loved seeing the spectacular BC scenery - the ferry ride pics remind so much of New Zealand and the Marlborough Sounds and the inter-island ferry. The buildings are beautiful too - I'm so pleased that you enjoyed your day.
Well - next week in my little town we have a group of Christian Canadian young people arriving. I'm not sure where they are from. I did think about offering a billet but we are short on rooms and because we live out of town I would have to drive them in each day. They will be working and helping out people in need during their stay. If they are still in need of billets I may offer as I know our place with give them a real taste of Australia and maybe they will get to see a koala!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday my friend.. and what beautiful pictures.. it looks like you had a wonderful day..
God Bless...

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Happy Birthday, Camille. What a fun day! Glad a couple of the children were with you. Fun dinner buffet as well, how sweet. Love the jumping places. Sounds like something my son did when he was younger. Photos were great and thanks for sharing~~hugs to you!

Camille said...

Dear Nadine ~ Thank you so much! How fun that you've been to Victoria! It's really pretty isn't it? :)

Dear Thy Hand ~ Thanks for your birthday greetings! :)

Dear Jill ~ It was a wonderful treat! We don't go very often...thanks so much for your kind greetings! :)

Dear Raeann ~ How WONDERFUL that you've been to Victoria! And how fun that you are going again!! We've travelled on that Black Ball ferry before...once long ago with my Howie ~ it was 17 years ago! Thanks for your sweet birthday greetings. :)

Dear Christa ~ Happy Birthday to your girl...wow...twenty!! (BTW...I'm "getting up there" too!) It was actually my birthday on the 14th...took awhile to get this post up! Thank you so much for your kind greetings! :)

Dear Ann ~ How fun that you are having some Canadian young people in your town! Oh, my children would *love* to see a Koala! Thank you for your kind birthday greetings. :)

Dear Karen ~ Thank you for your kind compliments and the birthday greetings. It was a very special day. :)

Dear Becky ~ Thanks for the visit and your sweet comments. It was fun to watch them jump like that...I took LOTS more pics than were shown here! :0

Blessings to you all!
In Him,

Trisha said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful time you obviously had, Camille. The pictures are wonderful, and I especially love how you caught the children jumping...what fun. May God bless you with a year of growing in grace and loving Him more and more. You are so blessed!

Camille said...

Dear Trisha ~ Thank you!! It was a lovely day to just enjoy...how often does a "lazy" day come our way?? I appreciate your comments about growing in grace and loving the LORD more...thank you for pointing me to HIM! :)

Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

Aw, how precious is that! Especially love the photo of the 4 of you. Precious memories a foretaste of heaven.
P.S I wanted to let you know our corn has cobs despite only planting 3.!!Haha I was so excited.
♥ your friend, Susan

Camille said...

Dear Susan ~ I am *SO* excited that you commented!! :) You are so right...a foretaste of Heaven! AND...WOW!! Good for you and your corn!! How WONDERFUL!! I have to check ours for cobs now...unfortunately, they have been recently attacked by what appears to have been a squirrel! About 1/5 of our plants have been destroyed! :(

Have a lovely evening!


Dianna said...

Thank you so much, Camille, for sharing your wonderful birthday celebration with us! The scenery is absolutely beautiful...your children were so enjoyable...and loved the way your husband set up the birthday display while you were away from the table. A belated Happy Birthday to you, dear one.

Camille said...

Dear Dianna ~ Thank YOU for stopping by and sending birthday wishes! Have a wonderful remainder of the summer! :)


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Camille! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Camille said...

Thanks Jenn! It was one of the best birthdays yet...maybe it's because I've stopped counting? ;-)


Sharon said...

Oh I am so late!!! Happy Belated Birthday Camille!

It looks like you had such a wonderful day! I think I should stop counting too, actually I should have done that years ago ;)

Have a blessed day sweetie!

I am so blessed by your posts :)God is so Good!

Camille said...

Dear Sharon ~ YOU bless me!! Thanks for the birthday wishes Sharon...I appreciate you. :) LOL...yes, there is freedom in not counting, but getting older does not scare me as it means I am a little closer to eternity with the LORD...THAT thought becomes more precious each year.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
With Love,

Wanting What I Have said...

Happy Birthday Camille!!! I am so thankful it was such a special and wonderful day! Blessings to you, my friend, in another year of life. May God draw you even closer to Himself!

With Love!

Camille said...

Dear J ~ Thank you for your sweet greetings! Oh that HE would draw us all nearer to HIMSELF in this coming year...may I have the heart to hear HIM! I missed you while you were away. :)


Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Camille!(from a late-comer) Looks like you had a special day just getting out and maybe going somewhere you don't often go. Especially nice before starting a new school year.

I also loved your pictures of your little guy playing the guitar on his birthday post. He looks like he has a sweet heart:) They must be really curious to know what you post about them on their special day.

Camille said...

Dear Teresa ~ Thank you so much for leaving me a comment on this post...that was sweet of you! I do show the children their "birthday post" and they are welcome to read the blog as well...after all, they are some of the reasons why I do this. :)

Have a lovely weekend!