July 28, 2010

Professor Noggin Games

Professor Noggin's Educational Card Games
are fun and educational at the same time.

The kids all enjoy playing from our oldest (15) to our youngest (8).
If you want to switch it up a bit for some creative learning,
why not add a couple of these to your educational supplies?
We keep them with other games for easy access...
the kids don't think of them as "school".

One word of caution ~
they are not "Christian" and therefore,
do not present the Biblical timeline for all things Scientific.

I have not found anything other than that to worry about,
but, keep in mind that we do not own all of the titles.
However, as with any resource, it is wise to review and
censor as you deem appropriate for your family.

And, of course, teach your children the reason why
we as Christians view the world the way we do!
How do we handle this?

We just honestly tell the children what is "wrong"
in how they may represent the "facts"
and direct them to the Truth found in the Word of God.

If one particular card is full of error,
I have no difficulty with throwing it away ~
it does not ruin the game to do so. :)

Have fun with your kids!  :)
Many Blessings, Camille

**Disclaimer ~ I am in no way compensated for this opinion.


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That sounds interesting. It actually sounds like it might be a bit of fun for adults, too? You always have good things for your kids :) :) I love how you explain to them when there are things that don't match up with God's Word. That's such a good thing to do.

Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Jill said...

thanks for sharing, I'm always looking for new resources for the girls. I'll have to find these.
Blessings, Jill

Patty said...

These games sound interesting. I think I will have to check them out. We only have a junior left at home, so they may be too young ~ not sure. Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

Dear Heather ~ Thanks for you encouraging words! ALL things must be judged against God's WORD...we are so blessed to have HIS Word, aren't we? Yes, the games are fun for adults too. It is a simple concept of asking and answering questions and gaining points by collecting the cards you answered correctly. We enjoy playing with them...I've learned LOTS too! :)

Dear Jill ~ If you click on the first line of this post you will find it links to the vendor for the games. I do hope you find something there you will like! :)

Dear Patty ~ We have found they are fun for all ages. They would be great to play with visiting families as well. Our eight year old enjoys them, but she is only just old enough to "get" some of the things they ask! I have been stumped by some of the questions as well...it's not super easy! :)

Blessings to each of you!

Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing another great resource Camille.
I am making plans for this coming school year...where did summer go?!? :)


Camille said...

Oh dear Nadine!! Where DID it go, is right?! :)


Lois in TX said...

Hi Camille,
I just ordered the Prof. Noggins game on the Civil War (for us south of you-uns, that's a major historical event! Ha) and it arrived yesterday...just in time for school to start tomorrow. We're going to play it as a back-to school ice breaker to see how much my son already knows.

Blessings to you and yours up there.

Camille said...

Hi Lois! How fun is that? :) I sure hope you enjoy it...and I hope your boy does well on his "back to school test"! ;-)