July 18, 2010

Keeping Our Cool

We had our first HEAT WAVE of the summer.
It came upon us suddenly.
As in...we were in the 60's one day and the 80's the next.
It went up from there...pushing 90 by the time we were
nearing the end of the week!
I am a born and bred Pacific Northwest girl.
BC, Canada to be exact.

I don't DO WELL in the

We only have heat like this for a few weeks
out of the year.
And even then, it tends to be intermittent.
The only A/C we have is in the van.
How do we cope?

Thankful for the following blessings to help us "keep our cool"!

661. Cold showers

662. Water park...I even join in! :)

663. Kiddie pool

664. Salads for dinner

665. Crock pot cooking ~ outside

666. BBQ dinners

667. Ability to get most things done early

668. Sea breeze to cool the house off at night
and in the early morning

669. Lazy days doing nothing

670. Keeping it simple

Many Blessings,


Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Wow...yeah, I can totally identify with the Pacif NW and the heat.. My father and I originally came from Southern California..and it wasn't unusual to see days in the 90s or 100s...it was fine, because it was a very dry heat..Then we moved here and wow...it's been almost 20 years now since we've lived in Oregon..but I'll tell you what...I have gotten used to the Oregon weather and LOVE it. Most of the older apartments here don't have air conditioning...I'm guessing because it's hot only about 2 months out of every year..I mean really hot. The weather is humid too...so I feel you...when it creeps over 80, I start to feel really uncomfortable. I'm thank that God has provided us with an apartment that has TWO air conditioners :) :) Oh goodness, I think I went off on the weather today. Have a great week...hope God will bring you some nice summer rain to cool things off a bit. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Heather said...

Camille, you brought me to tears this morning. Just reading the words, "I'm praying for you tonight." had such an impact on my heart. Thank you for being obedent to the Spirit to lift up your sisters-in-Christ. I love you and I haven't even met you... the wonderful thing about that sisterhood :)

Heather said...

By the way, Yay! You finally got your heat! It may have been difficult to live with but the kids finally got to do their "real" summer activities :) We've been having extreme heat for weeks now. What a difference, eh? Since we expect that here, we DO have air conditioning! Terry and I were swimming yesterday and not five minutes after we got out of the pool, we were nearly dry. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Barbara said...

looks like a real fun time of keeping cool, I have a pool and in this 100° weather I really enjoy it, even though the water some times if really cool, you have a great day, God bless

Nadine said...

Wonderful things to be thankful for!
We don't do well with the heat either...this morning it is cool and gray, which is fine with me!


Unknown said...

It's been super warm here for about two weeks! Looks like you have had some fun days of staying cool.

Annesta said...

Bless your heart! I have lived in southeast Texas for 40 years and I am still not used to the heat. We have it a bit longer than just a few weeks....say May to October!! Yes, I despise it! But, I join you in gratitude for all those things that keep us cool in this sweltering heat.
blessings to you this Monday!

Karen Long said...

Hey Camille.. its Karen from
its so nice that you stopped by my blog,, and thanks for saying that I dont look like a grandma... I will take that comment everyday and twice on Sundays..lol
Im am looking forward to getting to become new blogging buddies..
I will see you again soon I hope..
Have a great week... and stay in touch...

Camille said...

Dear Heather Blog-o-rama ~ I *SO* totally understand where you are coming from...how wonderful that you have TWO air conditioners!! Fun times! We have had cooler weather for the last week...still sunny, but cooler...I can FUNCTION!! Yaaay! :)

Dear Heather (in Canada) ~ I was praying for you this morning too. How precious it is to belong to HIM and how wonderful the affinity we have with one another because of HIM...it is something the world does not comprehend...it is beautiful! :)

And yes, we HAD our heat, and now it is cooler and manageable. The sun is still shining, which is a welcome thing, BUT the extreme heat is too much for this cooler climate girl. I *love* what we have been having recently. I don't think I would do well in your neck of the woods! :)

Dear Barbara ~ Oh how fun that you have a pool!! I'm sure it is WONDERFUL!! :)

Dear Nadine ~ I couldn't agree with you more! It is a relief when the weather cools off a bit, but I *do* love to see the sunshine! :)

Dear Jenn ~ I think when it heats up like it did, the only sane thing to do is lower the expectations and ENJOY! :)

Dear Annesta ~ What a blessing to have some reprieve from the sweltering heat...I agree! I couldn't imagine having CONSTANT heat all summer long as you would there in Texas! I'm sure A/C is a welcome addition to your home there! :)

Dear Karen ~ You certainly DON'T look like a Grandma...but DO enjoy every minute of being one!! :) I think it will be fun when it's my turn. May the LORD help us to enjoy the moments HE gives with the precious ones HE has blessed us with! Thanks for wanting to be blogging friends...it is a joy to have met you! :)


Jill said...

The water play looks so refreshing and inviting! Today was a scorcher here, and I don't do well in heat either. We are so thankful for our a/c. My daughter has severe asthma and in high humidity has difficulties breathing. Breaks my heart, so we try to stay as cool as possible! I will be thinking of you all and praying for cool breezes!
Blessings to you all, Jill

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh sweet friend. I smile as I type this. I am thankful for you that you have such wonderful ways to cool off, though I cannot fathom life without the ac. (Of course, we live with temps in the 90s several months out of the year. :) )

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Having grown up in a cold climate (North West England) and lived in the South Island of NZ you would thing I would be able to handle the colder weather in Australia. It does not drop below zero where I live but I now really do not handle the cold very well! I'm looking forward to the warmer days though not the humidity, we somehow managed to get through last summer without our air conditioners that had broken down.
Oh BTW I love water parks too!
Hope you are having a lovely week, I always enjoy reading your 'thankful posts' - so many reminders of everything that God blesses us with!

Camille said...

Dear Jill ~ I feel for you watching your girl suffer with asthma! How wonderful that you have a way to escape and help her in the humid days! We are thankful that it rarely gets unbearable here...and there were very cool breezes today...thanks for your prayers! :)

Dear J ~ Oh how WONDERFUL that you have A/C...I am sure it is a MUST where you live!! We really don't need it except for a few weeks out of the year. There are ways to keep the heat out and I do implement them on the VERY hot days! :)

Dear Ann ~ I often think of you and your "winter" as we have summer right now...very fun to think you are on the other side of this globe! :) Our little water park is nearby and free...can't get much better than that!! On the VERY hot days last summer we commandeered Daddy and we ALL played at the water park pictured here just before bed...it was WONDERFUL!! :)

Have a lovely week my friends!