March 17, 2010

A Boy and His Dog

From L to R ~ Fraser, Harmony, Buddy, Austin, Oreo, Calvin and Hershey

Don't you think there is something special about a boy and his dog? Beautiful thought ~ really.
But the trouble is, these are not our dogs...we don't even have ONE! :)

The neighbours have kindly hired our boys to walk their dogs for them and the boys have happily obliged. Two of these dogs are not "regulars" and one of the "regulars" is missing. This troupe is quite a sight as they trek down the road ~ what fond memories they will have of these days!
What fond memories I will have of these days!

Why can we not freeze these precious moments??
I suppose the solution to that is to enjoy each day God gives us, for it will soon be a memory.


You Can Call Me Jane said...

I never had a dog, so I've always felt as though I have missed out somehow. How neat that your boys get to participate in one of the fun parts of being a dog owner. Sweet picture:-).

Cinnamon said...

What great looking and CLEAN children (have you seen my muddy crew today?) you have. Such a great job for them too.


Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

what a great oppurtunity!

Thank you for your prayers for Andrew. He is so cute. He can't wait to get "cut"!

Camille said...

Thy Hand ~ Thanks for your sweet comment! Oh I feel so badly that we DON'T have a dog...for their sakes and my husband's. Our Emma is very allergic and gets all welled up and stuffed up and puffed up around certain dogs. We plan to stay overnight with my sister who has a lab and see how that goes ~ we may end up in a hotel...or we may end up getting a lab? ;-)

Cinnamon ~ LOL...yes, my children would look VERY clean compared to your crew! BUT...I would have to say your bunch were having more fun than mine! :)

Stacie ~ It is so much harder on the parents than the kids...they are so resilient!! I was praying for him this morning...we will pray as a family too as he is going to be in the "prayer basket". One day at a time with the Lord!


Sharon said...

What a blessing to see the kids working for the neighbors :) The boys look so cute with the pups :)

Wanting What I Have said...

Such handsome boys! I smiled as I read your comment about enjoying these days. My husband and I are both approaching another birthday and are soon to leave our twenties behind us. I told him this makes me a little bit sad. Not so much because I fear getting older or something like that, but I am just realizing how very precious these days are. The hospital is a frequent stop for welcome our friends' newest arrivals. Our children are healthy and growing and adventurous and inquisitive and NOT yet driving...our families are living and though we rest in the certainty of where our grandparents' will spend eternity, we so enjoy them. We are still young and not experiencing arthritis or other physical ailments that often set in with old age...All that rambling to say, this is a SWEET and RICH time in our lives. A time I want to live well and enjoy immensely. Thank you for the reminder. God is so good.

Camille said...

Sharon ~ It really is a blessing to have such wonderful neighbours...they even hire them to do lawn work, etc...very kind! :)

J ~ Oh dear me...such precious times indeed! Enjoy each and evey may not believe me, but soon you WILL have children driving...can you imagine that?? Our oldest begins next year!! :)

With Love,

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is great! Maybe I should find Josiah a dog walking job and he'll stop bugging us to get a dog of our own :)

Camille said...

LOL Jackie! Maybe ~ it's definitely worth a shot! :)