March 25, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

These beauties are in my neighbour's garden ~ aren't they lovely? :)


Christa said...

Spring has definitely sprung in your flower garden. How beautiful are those flowers. Thank you for sharing them with us Camille.


Shades of Gray (formerly 'The Maine Life') said...

and they SMELL amazing too!! :)

Lady Farmer said...

They are divine! And, yes! They perfume the air with springtime!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

My hyacinths are just starting to bloom. They are some of my favorite flowers. Their colors remind me of Easter eggs.

Camille said...

Christa ~ Unfortunately, they are not *my* flowers...but I do get to enjoy looking at them ~ they are in the neighbour's yard. Aren't they pretty? :)

Janine ~ On YES they do!! And I also want to say ~ I *LOVE* it that you left me a comment today! xo

Raeann ~ I am SOOOO into spring this a very BIG way! :)

Jackie ~ They are SUPER pretty ~ their colours are AMAZING! How creative our Great God is! :)

With Love,

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Ours are popping up, too. I just love how they smell. Along with lily of the valley, they are my favorite smelling flowers. Oh, and gardenias. I think that's it:-).

Camille said...

Thy Hand ~ You made me smile! it sounds like you are enjoying the arrival of spring as much as we are!


Gert said...

Hi to you... I love these photos, one of my favorite flowers. They smell 'oh so good'!!!

PS Your web page is amazing!!

xoxo Gert

Camille said...

Welcome Gert ~ So lovely to "meet" you! Thanks for your sweet compliment and encouragement. :)


Mouse and Magoo said...

I love those flowers!
The are one of my many favorites.

Camille said...

Mine too Meghan ~ just newly discovered! :)

Sharon said...

Oh I just love Hyacinths :) So beautiful and fragrant! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

Camille said...

Sharon ~ Thank YOU for visiting and bringing a smile to my day! :)